July 23, 2011

Veteran Metal journalist Andres Padilla, has been working intensely on his new book UNDERGROUND NEVER DIES (UND!) which will feature the most vivid collection of Thrash / Death flyers from all over the world, including North America, Europe and South America on approximately 200 pages, designed in the old fashioned copy / paste way. The author of "RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993)", the first book that graphically depicts the story of the Chilean Thrash Metal scene, responsible editor for several fanzines from late 80s, and editor of Grinder Magazine since 1993, is currently looking for contributors who want to help this initiative in order to complete the most respected collection of Thrash Metal / Death Metal flyers from the 80s and early 90s. Secondly, there will be a part in the book that is dedicated to the phenomenom "underground". "Underground" is a very used concept in Metal", comments Padilla, "it is a simple word that we see everywhere, but nobody has ever really explained to us what it really means. After several years of research and interviews with the most significant characters of the music scene, UND! will be the perfect tool to answer this question. It may seem simple, but it is not. Where does it go? How did it start? What does it mean to us? How have many of the interviewed actors adapt it as a philosophy of life?" The book is planned to be released in a limited version together a 12" compilation LP. Unlike Padilla’s previous book, RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993), UND! will be written in English. All interested parties can get in touch to: corvusdiscos@gmail.com.

New Jersey’s Death / Thrashers ENTRENCHED have inked a deal with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions who will release their debut album "Preemptive Strike" on CD August 30, 2011. Among others the band is influenced by GHOUL, SODOM, ENTOMBED, SEPULTURA and REPULSION. The tracklist of "Preemptive Strike" reads like this: ‘Intro (Mobilize)’, ‘Bred To Kill’, ‘ICBM’, ‘Landbrecher 666’, ‘Frenzied Amputation’, ‘Anesthetic Death’, ‘Burnt And Destroyed’, ‘Tooth And Nail’ and ‘Dropping The Tsar Bomb’. More info at www.myspace.com/entrenchedusa

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