June 01, 2011

Swedish Death Metallers INSISION will release their new EP, "End Of All", later in the year via the U.S. label Sevared Records. The CD was recorded at Off Beat Studio in Stockholm with engineer Anders Erikssonand and features the following tracklisting: ‘Expire’, ‘Curvature’, ‘Descend’, ‘Beckoning’ and ‘Ex Oblivione’. Commented the band: "We are proud to announce that the cover and booklet for our upcoming EP, ‘End Of All’, is almost done. The master of brutal covers/artwork Toshihiro Egawa that also made covers/artwork for our brothers in LIVIDITY, DYING FETUS, MASS INFECTION, BEHEADED and DEVOURMENT, to name a few. Toshihiro has done a great job with "End Of All". Also, our friend Fredrik Lindgren (at) Blackened Media has put down a huge and amazing effort in the booklet layout. "End Of All" is the first release out of two on Sevared Records and everything has gone smoothly from the recording to getting the cover and booklet done. We are very eager to release "End Of All". Also to start working on new material for the next yet-untitled full-length album. We keep on doing this music for all the loyal brutal Death Metal fanatics around the world. It has been brutal and fun working with this new material and we’re all excited about the release. We felt a need to get it out there while writing our next full-length album, mainly for the fans supporting us down the years as it has been just too fucking long since our last release. But now finally, we’re here. This time it’s going to be a five-track release, giving you four completely new killer tracks, the fifth bonus track being a remake of a song from our early days. It’s just a brutal beating, a package delivering brutal and aggressive Death Metal, the INSISION way, of course!! This one will break your necks for sure!!" INSISION recently parted ways with guitarist Magnus Martinsson due to his "involvement and focus on other bands and projects" and recruited Death Metal / Jazz – influenced axeman Tobias Alpadie as a session member. Bassist Daniel Ekeroth left INSISION in May 2009 and was replaced by Joel Andersson, who previously played with IMMERSED IN BLOOD. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/insision

DERANGED will enter Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden in February to begin recording their eighth full-length album, "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve", to be released via Sevared Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD (among others) are: ‘Workshed Slaughter’, ‘Slay And Grind’, ‘Limbless Slave’, ‘Savage Hacksaw Castration’, ‘Depraved And Zombified’, ‘Blood On Pale Hands’ and ‘Razorsharp Decapitation’. Commented drummer Rikard Wermén: "We’re busy working on the new material. I would say that pretty much all of the music is all written and done. There are still a few lyrics and vocal patterns to be done. A lot of people have questioned me how the new material sounds like, and personally I would say that (there is) more shit going on within the songs than earlier. Not that I claim it’s over-the-top technical or anything; it isn’t just more variation and still insane and truly brutal. As a matter of fact, I would go as far and say that it’s yet our most brutal and sick material so far! Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to have a new disc out. It’s been around three years since our last one, so it’s about damn time." For more information, visit www.myspace.com/stabandhack

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