June 22, 2011

 Swedish Doom / Deathers SKELETAL SPECTRE will be releasing their second album "Occult Spawned Premonitions" through Selfmadegod Records in Europe on July 08, 2011. The band’s line-up features Vanessa Nocera (SCAREMAKER, WOODEN STAKE) on vocals, Behold the Pentagram (BONEGNAWER, PUTREVORE, DEMIURG, RIBSPREADER, SWARMING, THE GROTESQUERY) on guitar, bass and vocals and Haunting the Beyond on drums. The European version of "Occult Spawned Premonitions" will include an additional bonus track not to be found on the US version. More info at www.myspace.com/skeletalspectre
The first 7” of US REPULSION / MASTER / AUTOPSY worshippers BONE SICKNESS was recently released by Detest Records. Other upcoming Detest Records releases include BEYOND‘s first demo tape (early July), NECROWRETCH‘s first 12” MLP (early July), CRYPTBORN‘s first demo tape (to be released at the Hell’s Pleasure Festival) and BOMBS OF HADES‘ new 7” EP (August / September 2011). More info at www.detestrecords.com

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