March 14, 2011

DIABOLICAL will go on tour the second half of March to support their new album "Ars Vitae". Most of the concerts will take place in Russia, and will be supported by DRAUGGARD. You’ll find the dates here. "Ars Vitae", DIABOLICAL’s first release since 2008’s "The Gallery Of Bleeding Art", is scheduled to be released in America on March 25, 2011 through Abyss Records. The album contains 17 tracks from different parts of the band’s career, including new tracks recorded in 2010. One track from the record, ‘Eye’, is available for download at and on the band’s official YouTube page. "It’s an honour having a dedicated label like Abyss releasing the album over there, we are looking forward to that", comments guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv. Here’s the complete "Ars Vitae" tracklist: ‘Ortus’, ‘Sightless 6’, ‘Infvitabile Fatvm’, ‘Eye’, ‘Rcs’ (live), ‘The Gallery Of Bleeding Art’ (live), ‘Ashes II’ (live), ‘The One Who Bleeds’ (live), ‘Under My Skin’ (live), ‘Extinction’ (live), ‘Vertigo’ (live), ‘Children Of The Mushroom Cloud’ (live), ‘Suicidal Glory’ (live), ‘Ashes’, ‘Guidance Of Sin’, ‘Deserts’ and ‘The Dreaming Dead’.

NOCTEM have been signed by Rising Records for the release of their new album. The band released the following official statement: "We can proudly say this is a new step to the next level for NOCTEM’s career. Mark Daghorn (label owner) is a great professional and it’s an honor to work with him on this new album for us." More info at or

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poland’s PANDEMONIUM the band’s 1992 demo "Devilri" has just been re-released on vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies. One half of the entire edition was pressed on black vinyl, and the other on white vinyl. The record is packaged in an untypical black-and-white envelope, solid, hand-numbered jacket and equipped with a special full-format twelve-pages booklet with lots of archival and unique material concerning Pandemonium from the early 90s. As a bonus, an exclusive digipak of the new "Promo 2010" is enclosed with all copies. It contains the unofficial versions of two new Pandemonium tracks (‘Black Forest’ and ‘God Delusion’) from the upcoming album "Misanthropy". Additionally, there’s a video on it, with excerpts from gigs of two of last year’s festivals and a concert video for ‘Frost’. For more information write to

Texas based Thrashers TERRORIST have entered Oscurecerse Studio with producer Arturo Saldana to record their new full length "And Then Life Was Death…". Songtitles include ‘Sadistic Necrophile’, ‘Hellstorm’, ‘Lord Of Deceit’, ‘Assassins From Hell’, ‘Decim Ate The Inferior God’, ‘Onward Destroyer’, ‘Metal Till Death (I.M.W.D.)’, ‘Horror Rises From The Tomb’ and the title track. The album is expected to be released via an as of yet unspecified record label this summer 2011. Any serious labels interested in releasing it may contact

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