November 02, 2011

Recently reunited Thrashers DEAD HORSE have been added to this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, which will take place in Austin, TX November 4th – 6th and features the likes of SLAYER, CANNIBAL CORPSE and HENRY ROLLINS. DEAD HORSE will be performing on the Black Stage at 3:50 PM on Saturday, November 5th. The band will also be playing an afterparty the night of their performance. For more info, visit

GRAVEHILL has issued the following statement regarding the cancellation of their planned performance at this year’s Goregrowler’s Ball: "We were saddened and pissed off, to say the least, to hear from Goregrowlers Entertainment about their decision to not bring us out for the Fest in San Antonio on the days of November 18th – 20th. It is unfortunate and we just wanted to let all of our friends and fans down there that we had NO control over this situation and are disappointed beyond belief. I will not get into every aspect of what went down and what was said and agreed upon. I also won’t sit here and bash anyone at the Goregrowlers camp and get into any of that type of crap. What I will do is be honest and give you a "long story short". GRAVEHILL was one of the first bands asked to be a part of this years fest. I was also instrumental in helping them book a few of the bands that are playing. I know that GRAVEHILL is not fucking METALLICA, so we didn’t expect some sort of "red carpet treatment". It was obvious that once some of the bigger bands jumped on board and the larger sponsors started getting involved, we felt that we were on the outside looking in. This would have been fine if we had to bring ourselves out and cover all of the costs. We understand how "politics" work in this scene. There are some bands playing now that A LOT of people want to see. But once we were FINALLY notified about us not being a part of the fest, we had already booked the IMPIETY west coast shows and started getting money together to fund that. Being that we play the music that we do, obviously we aren’t made of money. There was just NO WAY that we could grab cheap flights and get sleeping arrangements in a manner that would make sense. The reasons and excuses as to why the promoter decided this, well they have press releases being sent out about a lot of those things. Regardless, this situation SUCKS and we are sorry to the Horde of maniacs down in San Antonio that we can’t make it out for this one! We have been some killer friends down there, and we were looking VERY forward to killing and hanging out with all of you once again. We ASSURE you that we will be returning to Texas in 2012. We will keep everyone posted about this as soon as we can start generating interest and get the talks finalized. But as far as the fest goes, I will also not tell anyone "DON’T SUPPORT THAT SHIT!" because I have some killer friends still playing it and our other friends in the area deserve a good weekend of metal madness. Plus this was a business decision that just did not work out in OUR favor. Go support your scene everyone! And have a fucking blast at this Goregrowlers Ball. Hails to you and I hope to see you soon you crazy Texas motherfuckers!"

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