November 08, 2011

Poland’s LUNA AD NOCTUM have posted a new song (‘In Hypnosis’) from their upcoming album "Hypnotic Inferno" at this location. The band has also launched a new website ( and facebook profile ( for regular updates and all fresh information.

"Oath Of The Abyss", the debut full length by Portland’s RITUAL NECROMANCY, has just been released by Dark Descent Records on digipak CD. The vinyl version will come courtesy of Parasitic Records. The cover was created by Josh McAlear and the tracklist reads like this: ‘Accretion’, ‘Cacophonic Dementia’, ‘Descent’, ‘The Chasm’, ‘Desecrated Omnipresence’, ‘Penitence’, ‘Consummating Crypts Of Eternity’ and ‘Oath Of The Abyss’. The band has also announced a series of live dates set for this winter, including an appearance at the Rites of Darkness Fest in San Antonio, TX. Check out our tourdates section for further details or for more info.

Slovenian Black Metallers BLEEDING FIST have announced the departure of drummer Lexecutioner. In an official statement, the band commented: "Soon, new details regarding the line-up and the new era of BLEEDING FIST will be known." In December BLEEDING FIST will release their first live album, entitled "Bestial Black Metal Over Berlin", via Haliaetum Records ( and licensed by Moribund. For more info check out, or

INFINITUM OBSCURE will team up with Greek DEAD CONGREGATION for their first European tour in April of 2012. Check out our tourdates section or for further details.

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