November 22, 2011

The 2nd issue of MORBID ABOMINATIONS ZINE is out now and features interviews with TUNDRA, YSENGRIN, RAVENCULT, COMMUNION, SADOMATOR, MORBOSIDAD, MORTEM ZINE, FUNERAL GOAT, MITOCHONDRION, MANIAC BUTCHER, IMPURE WORSHIP, DEAD CONGREGATION and SATANIC WARMASTER + biographies of GROMM, BLACK FEAST, BLUT AUS NORD, a DEATHKULT open air report and tons of tape, vinyl, CD and zine reviews. 44 pages, traditional old school page-frame design, written in English, quality printing, A4 format.,

The first release of the new label Atomic Vision Productions is the MC re-release of the old 1994 demo "Agónia" from Slovakia’s raw Speed / Thrash Metal band DARK MORDOR. The re-release contains 5 bonus songs (live + never used rehearsals) and comes with a big A4 fold out cover with all translated lyrics, a short bio, liner-notes from the frontman Pavel and a lot of rare photoshots from the old days of the band. More info and ordering details at,

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