October 06, 2011

Brazil’s GRAVE DESECRATOR is now officially part of the Pulverised Records roster. The band is now focused and geared up for the next full-length effort, which will see the light of day with a possible 2012 release. In an official statement by GRAVE DESECRATOR bass-player Necrogoat: "We’re really ravished to be signed with Pulverised Records, a label that really fits to our music in terms of ideological aspects and works professionally. We are sure that this partnership will result in a tormenting sonic deliverance that will lead you all to a thunderous and malignant holocaust!!! The new album shall come in 2012, and we promise that it will not disappoint anybody! It will contain lots of (good) surprises on it, but with the same infamous essence we’ve been made of! Oh fuck! We are really eager for this release! A new European tour is already planned for early 2012, so all Europeans are welcome to taste our live channeling of chaos. Keep us up in your minds and souls!! We are the BRAZILIAN BLACKEST METAL MASSACRE!" GRAVE DESECRATOR is currently preparing for their next massacre tour in European borders once again, in co-operation with Roadmaster Booking Agency. The GRAVE DESECRATOR "Desecrating Europe Tour 2012" will commence from March 2012 till April 2012, with the band trekking across several European regions during the month-long tour. The promotion video clip for the GRAVE DESECRATOR "Desecrating Europe Tour 2012" is available at this location www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeOkJ0jBWRk

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