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June 30, 2011

The lately released "The Red Terror" 12" MLP of Danish Black / Horror Metal masters DENIAL OF GOD will be released on CD around August / September by Hungarian Stygian Shadows Productions. The release will be limited to 500 copies and the first 55 copies will be spreaded in special packaging with many extras. Detalis are coming after Hell’s Pleasure 2011. You can get infos or pre-order here: stygian@t-online.hu or vampyr@get2net.dk www.denialofgod.net www.myspace.com/denialofgod

June 29, 2011

Sweden’s BLOOD MORTIZED are currently in the studio recording the band’s new album "The Key To A Black Heart". The band has also checked in to make the following announcement: "We are really pleased to be able to reveal the name of our new bass player! Drum roll and here he is… Mattias Söderlund joins BLOOD MORTIZED! He will punish his bass on our upcoming album. He is mainly known for A: being a really nice guy B: playing bass with legendary Swedish Punk band CHARTA 77. It will be great to finally get to record proper bass lines and work on a crushing bass sound on the upcoming album "The Key To A Black Heart". We are very happy to have him on board and we welcome him to the band with a massive traktor bas and a bloody cheers!" Selected tracks from BLOOD MORTIZED’s 2009 self-titled debut and this year’s "Bestial" EP are currently streaming on the band’s official Myspace page www.myspace.com/bloodmortized. Earlier this year, Chaos Records announced the signing of BLOOD MORTIZED for their upcoming EP "Bestial". The EP was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording, Sweden. Featuring artwork from Thomas Kynst and Daniel Devilish the four track EP is slated for a June / July 2011 release on both CD and vinyl format. Here’s the "Bestial" tracklisting: ‘Bestial’, ‘Of Dust And Doom’, ‘Shadows Of The Quarter Sun’ and ‘Rekviem’.
The long awaited new DENIAL FIEND album "Horror Holocaust", the follow-up release to 2007’s "They Rise", is scheduled for a US release date of August 02, 2011 through Ibex Moon Records. The current line-up of the band features drummer Rob Rampy (DRI, THE SPEARS), vocalist Blaine Cook (THE ACCUSED, THE FARTZ), bassist Terry Butler (DEATH, SIX FEET UNDER, MASSACRE, OBITUARY) and guitarist Sam Williams (DOWN BY LAW, THE SPEARS). "Horror Holocaust" was recorded at Mana Studios and also features guest appearances from Steve Swanson (SIX FEET UNDER), Ralph Santolla (DEICIDE, OBITUARY) and James Murphy (OBITUARY, TESTAMENT). DENIAL FIEND has posted a video preview featuring a clip of the first song on "Horror Holocaust" called ‘Corrupted Flesh’ at this location http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2djzefW1afI. Additionally, the band is currently streaming several tracks from the album on their ReverbNation page, located at www.reverbnation.com/denialfiend. Bassist Terry Butler comments on the album: "Horror Holocaust" is quite simply one of the best records I’ve played on. It’s an perfect mix of Thrash, Punk and Death Metal. The songs are aggressive, tight and heavy. I’m very proud of this one." To celebrate the release of "Horror Holocaust", DENIAL FIEND has teamed up with HorrorMerch.com, Plan 916 Guitars, Ibex Moon Records and the makers of Afterparty Massacre to give away a Sam Williams custom guitar featuring artwork from the album. Also available in the giveaway is an autographed copy of the "Afterparty Massacre" movie CD soundtrack, 7" and also a weapon prop of your choice from the movie. Plus 10 runners up will be getting a copy of the "Horror Holocaust" CD and a pack of CDs from Ibex Moon Records. Head over to www.HorrorMerch.com for details.
ABORYM have inked a worlwide deal with Agonia Records. Here’s a statement of singer / bass player Fabban: "I know this label very well. We decided to sing up with Agonia Records exactly because we need to be followed and supported in a more careful and precise way, something that is sometimes quite hard to have if you’re part of a major label with hundreds of other bands. There’s a crisis in the air, especially in the music industry, reason why we’re betting everything on quality. What we will release in 2012 will be a very particular album and it will be required a great commitment from our label, a great commitment, not only from the economic point of view. We chose Agonia because is able to give us everything we ask for in order to achieve something very very important, something that people don’t really expect. This is the biggest deal of the entire Aborym’s career. We have a very high budget, we have confidence and a massive deployment of energies and resources from Agonia’s side. Through these premises we should and we must do only great things." The sixth ABORYM’s album will be released in 2012 and it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of activity of the Italian combo. "We’ll celebrate 20 years of ABORYM through a series of surprises for our fans. The album we’re working on will be something extremely astonishing, something that nobody can even remotely imagine. ABORYM has always been like that, but this time we’ll walk beyond the lines. Our new album will be also a reward to all our fans: our own way to say thank you for 20 years of support and passion for our music." "It’s great to be working again with Agonia Records", adds guitarist Hell.IO.Kabbalus. "We’re already sticking down with Fabban some new material for the next album. If you think "Psychogrotesque" was crazy, this next one is going to fuck your synapses from behind." In July 2011 the new t-shirt celebrating the 20th year of the band, will be available and one of the song from the next album will be used to record the first official video clip of ABORYM. For more information www.myspace.com/aborym666
Scottsdale, AZ brutalists REIGN OF VENGEANCE have just released their debut full length "Disemboweling Swine" through Brain Damage Music. The band already has had guest appearances from members of JOB FOR A COWBOY, DYING FETUS, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, VEHEMENCE and ABORTED. More info at www.myspace.com/reignofvengeance

June 24, 2011

IMPIOUS BAPTISM have recorded material for two 7" EPs that will be released in the coming months. You can already check out a rough mix version of ‘Iron Doctrine Of The Antichrist’ from the "Path Of The Inverted Trinity" EP (to be released through Hells Headbangers Records) and ‘Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Deus Aderit’ from the "V.A.N.V.D.A." EP (which will be out on Ordo MCM Productions) on the band’s myspace page www.myspace.com/impiousbaptism

June 22, 2011

 Swedish Doom / Deathers SKELETAL SPECTRE will be releasing their second album "Occult Spawned Premonitions" through Selfmadegod Records in Europe on July 08, 2011. The band’s line-up features Vanessa Nocera (SCAREMAKER, WOODEN STAKE) on vocals, Behold the Pentagram (BONEGNAWER, PUTREVORE, DEMIURG, RIBSPREADER, SWARMING, THE GROTESQUERY) on guitar, bass and vocals and Haunting the Beyond on drums. The European version of "Occult Spawned Premonitions" will include an additional bonus track not to be found on the US version. More info at www.myspace.com/skeletalspectre
The first 7” of US REPULSION / MASTER / AUTOPSY worshippers BONE SICKNESS was recently released by Detest Records. Other upcoming Detest Records releases include BEYOND‘s first demo tape (early July), NECROWRETCH‘s first 12” MLP (early July), CRYPTBORN‘s first demo tape (to be released at the Hell’s Pleasure Festival) and BOMBS OF HADES‘ new 7” EP (August / September 2011). More info at www.detestrecords.com

June 18, 2011

Palermo’s old school Death Metal squad UNDEAD CREEP will be releasing their debut full length album "The Ever-Burning Torch" through Dark Descent Records on June 24, 2011. The CD comes with five bonus demo cuts. The complete "The Ever-Burning Torch" tracklist reads like this: ‘Immolation For Reincarnation’, ‘God’s Disdain’, ‘Surrounded By Tombs’, ‘Eternal Rest’, ‘Frozen Asphyxiation’, ‘Interlude – On Blackened Mountains’, ‘Eradicated Memories’, ‘Swallowed By The Chasm’, ‘Survive The Aftermath’, ‘Forbidden Cult’, ‘Intro – Darkest Slumber’ (Demo), ‘Final Demise’ (Demo), ‘Ritual Slaughter’ (Demo), ‘Summoning The Abyss Lord’ (Demo) and ‘Undead Creep’ (Demo). The band has posted a video teaser for the album at www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DY0nOrdKg4. For additional info or order details check out www.myspace.com/undeadcreep666, www.darkdescent.net

June 17, 2011

Putrescense Records have two releases coming up on June 28, 2011. First up the 2nd demo of Peruvian Death Metallers PROFANER called "Morbid Posession". The tape features 4 tracks of pure cavernous and cryptic Death Metal from beyond the tomb – according to the flyer – influenced by MASSACRE, old NECROPHAGIA and DEATH. It sells for US$ 6 + shipping (professional printed tape). The 2nd release is a 7"EP from Peruvian Death Thrashers INSANER which features 4 tracks of violence and hatred. This 7"EP is nothing else than their demo "Ignorancia Y Decadencia" from 1989 pressed on vinyl. Those interested in bands as HOLOCAUSTO, MUTILATOR and SLAUGHTER LORD might be interested. Get in touch with the label at www.myspace.com/putrescenserecords or via email at vomits@hotmail.com.

June 10, 2011

Greek Death Metallers NECROVOROUS have just released their debut "Funeral For The Sane" through Pulverised Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Feedback Studios by Harry Zourelides and the album cover artwork was done by Danille Gauvin of Cranium Illustrations. One of the tracks (‘The Vilest Of All Dreams’) is now available for streaming at the Pulverised Records SoundCloud Page http://soundcloud.com/pulverised/necrovorous-the-vilest-of-all

German Thrashers ASSASSIN will be re-releasing their first two albums "The Upcoming Terror" and "Interstellar Experience" via Steamhammer / SPV on June 17, 2011. Both albums will be part of a double digipak CD / double gatefold vinyl in orange vinyl entitled "Chronicles Of Resistance". The whole package will include 4 bonus tracks and a 24 pages booklet with all album related info and previously unreleased pictures. The bonustracks are: ‘Assassin’, ‘Baka’ (both recorded live in Osaka 2010), ‘Strange World’ and ‘Low Intensity Warfare’ (CASBAH cover). For more info go to www.assassin-online.de

Canada’s Metal legend ANVIL have been signed by Steamhammer / SPV and will be releasing their new album "Juggernaut Of Justice" in Europe on June 17, 2011. The limited edition digipak CD will feature two bonus tracks (‘The Station’ and ‘Tonight Is Coming’ ). More info at www.anvilmetal.com

Peruvian’s ROTTEN EVISCERATION‘s recently released their first demotape "Raped And Headless" (colored cover and professional tape in limited copies). According to the official flyer the demo offers 4 tracks of brutal necrophilic Death Metal in its purest form and is meant for those who are looking out for bands like early CARCASS, NECROPHILIAC (Spain), TRAUMATIC or early CANNIBAL CORPSE. Pure gore worshipping old school Death Metal from Perú. Contact corpse_decrepit@hotmail.com and check out www.myspace.com/rottenevisceration.

June 09, 2011

Rawblackult from Bolivia have released a tape edition of the POISONOUS album "Perdition’s Den", limited to 333 copies. It contains 2 bonus tracks (‘Poisonous’ and ‘The Black Vomit’ from the band’s demo). More information via www.rawblackult.com. The LP version will be released by Blood Harvest Records soon.

June 06, 2011

According to Rick Rozz’s Facebook site, a MASSACRE reunion is currently in the works… "Looking forward to being in the same room, jammin again with Terry Butler", he recently posted. "Rehearsals start in a few weeks my friends, Mike Mazzonetto and I have been jammin a few of the old tracks, and it sounds like MASSACRE has been in the gym working out, hard!!! This will be the heaviest and most brutal this band has ever sounded in its history, hands down. European tour plans in the works for November / December 2011. This will not be MASSACRE, but a tribute out of respect for the name, that has been dragged through the mud over the years." In return Kam Lee posted the following on his Facebook site: "Yep, MASSACRE is re-forming – but I’m not involved. Isn’t it nice when $$$ takes more importance over integrity. Well, at least the fans will get their new MASSACRE album finally. Well, best I wipe my hands clean from the whole MASSACRE shit anyways, time to move on. I’m not sweating it at all. FINALLY I feel I can remove this shadow that’s been lingering over my head for the past 20 years, like a snake shedding it’s skin, I’m going to grow out of this old corpse and move on to bigger and better things. Well – I guess if stuff like MISFITS keeps going without Glen – they decided to finally reform MASSACRE without me… and it’s their juvinile way to try and hurt me. But it’s only going to turn around and bite them in the ass. It just put me into high gear to do my own KAM LEE band now and FUCK anyone who doesn’t like it! I’m actually happy to let this go… FINALLY. I feel I can finally move forwards without it being held over my head. I’m GLAD they are doing it. Let the fans that are only about the ‘name’ follow them and let those remain that stay TRUE the real bands image. EVERYTHING I own MASSACRE is up for SALE! Including the 20 foot back drop of the original logo – make me an offer this is the very LAST time I will be selling anything MASSACRE until the year ends. All my original vinyl, posters, T-shirts are all going! I don’t wish to be associated anymore with a mere – cash in bands reformation – call it pride, integrity, or foolish hubris, but I’m done with it… FINALLY! Honestly EVERYONE… this isn’t as upsetting to me as one would think. Hell man, maybe I’m just numb right now, finding out my grandmother passed away this morning on top of this news, this whole MASSACRE thing is rather a relief – more than a bother. I’m not upset about it at all. I’m glad to be set free from this once and for all and with them moving forwards with it finally cuts the cord."

Swedish old school Death Metallers ENTRAILS have finished the recordings of their second album "The Tomb Awaits". The album will include 11 songs that are currently being mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. "The Tomb Awaits" will be out on September 09, 2011 via F.D.A. Records. For all further info check out www.fda-records.com.

June 04, 2011

The OCTOBER TIDE show in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, scheduled for June 10, 2011 has been cancelled by the local promoter due to abrupt and unforeseen reasons.

June 03, 2011

Brazil’s Death Metallers ESCARNIUM have signed with two labels for the release of their new EP "Rex Verminorum". Hellthrasher Productions from Poland will release it in digipak format in a limited edition of 500 copies, while a tape version will be released by Polish Till You Fukkin Bleed Records, limited to 100 copies. The tape edition will also contain their first demo "Covered In Decadence". Further information through tillyoufukkinbleed@wp.pl or www.hellthrasher-distribution6.home.pl.

June 02, 2011

Scottish Blood Metallers ACHREN have released a live DVD entitled "Impaled At Bloodstock-Open-Air 2010". It was produced in conjunction with UK based Darkbox Films and features their whole Bloodstock performance from the New Blood Stage at last years festival, a band biography, photo galleries and preview recordings of their upcoming debut album. You can check out the song ‘Impaled’ at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvMK8SI_v2g. The DVD is available here. The band will play the following European Summer Festivals: Metalcamp, Slovenia, July 11-18, 2011, Wacken-Open-Air, Germany, August 03-06, 2011 and Bloodstock-Open-Air, UK, August 11-14, 2011.

June 01, 2011

Swedish Death Metallers INSISION will release their new EP, "End Of All", later in the year via the U.S. label Sevared Records. The CD was recorded at Off Beat Studio in Stockholm with engineer Anders Erikssonand and features the following tracklisting: ‘Expire’, ‘Curvature’, ‘Descend’, ‘Beckoning’ and ‘Ex Oblivione’. Commented the band: "We are proud to announce that the cover and booklet for our upcoming EP, ‘End Of All’, is almost done. The master of brutal covers/artwork Toshihiro Egawa that also made covers/artwork for our brothers in LIVIDITY, DYING FETUS, MASS INFECTION, BEHEADED and DEVOURMENT, to name a few. Toshihiro has done a great job with "End Of All". Also, our friend Fredrik Lindgren (at) Blackened Media has put down a huge and amazing effort in the booklet layout. "End Of All" is the first release out of two on Sevared Records and everything has gone smoothly from the recording to getting the cover and booklet done. We are very eager to release "End Of All". Also to start working on new material for the next yet-untitled full-length album. We keep on doing this music for all the loyal brutal Death Metal fanatics around the world. It has been brutal and fun working with this new material and we’re all excited about the release. We felt a need to get it out there while writing our next full-length album, mainly for the fans supporting us down the years as it has been just too fucking long since our last release. But now finally, we’re here. This time it’s going to be a five-track release, giving you four completely new killer tracks, the fifth bonus track being a remake of a song from our early days. It’s just a brutal beating, a package delivering brutal and aggressive Death Metal, the INSISION way, of course!! This one will break your necks for sure!!" INSISION recently parted ways with guitarist Magnus Martinsson due to his "involvement and focus on other bands and projects" and recruited Death Metal / Jazz – influenced axeman Tobias Alpadie as a session member. Bassist Daniel Ekeroth left INSISION in May 2009 and was replaced by Joel Andersson, who previously played with IMMERSED IN BLOOD. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/insision

DERANGED will enter Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden in February to begin recording their eighth full-length album, "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve", to be released via Sevared Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD (among others) are: ‘Workshed Slaughter’, ‘Slay And Grind’, ‘Limbless Slave’, ‘Savage Hacksaw Castration’, ‘Depraved And Zombified’, ‘Blood On Pale Hands’ and ‘Razorsharp Decapitation’. Commented drummer Rikard Wermén: "We’re busy working on the new material. I would say that pretty much all of the music is all written and done. There are still a few lyrics and vocal patterns to be done. A lot of people have questioned me how the new material sounds like, and personally I would say that (there is) more shit going on within the songs than earlier. Not that I claim it’s over-the-top technical or anything; it isn’t just more variation and still insane and truly brutal. As a matter of fact, I would go as far and say that it’s yet our most brutal and sick material so far! Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to have a new disc out. It’s been around three years since our last one, so it’s about damn time." For more information, visit www.myspace.com/stabandhack