August 02, 2012

DECLINE OF THE I is a French project led by A.K. from VORKREIST, MERRIMACK, etc. The debut album "Inhibition" will be released via Agonia Records on September 25, 2012 in Europe and November 06, 2012 in North America. Video teasers are available here and here. Sound samples can be found at band’s official myspace profile

Saint Louis, Missouri based brutal Death Metallers DRAG THE DEAD have just released their self-titled, full-length album which is the follow up to their debut EP, "The Saint Louis Murder Sessions" (currently digitally available worldwide). The tracklist reads like this: ‘Prelusive Uterine Decimation’, ‘Blindsided Menstrual Holocaust’, ‘The Final Desecration’, ‘Necrology Postmortem’, ‘When They Walk Again’, ‘Serial Deity To The Aborted’, ‘The Stabbing’, ‘The Interview Of Lisa Ann Montgomery’, ‘Sledgehammer To The Cunt’, ‘Sullen Despoliation Of Blood And Genitals’, ‘Shit Fucked And Forgotten’, ‘Semen Spilled Upon The Flesh Of The Dead’, ‘Concluding Suffrage’ and ‘Remember To Leave The Pieces’. For all further info check out or

Swedish Death Metallers ERUPTED will be releasing their debut full-length "In The Grip Of Chaos" via Abyss Records later this year. The track ‘That Which Is Denied Gains Power’ is currently streaming at this location. The band commented: "During the last months of 2011 until April of 2012 we have been doing recordings for our upcoming album. We haven’t had a lot of time to play live, socialize or even drink beer. But now, more than half a year after it was started, our album is on the finishing stretch, and we can proudly present one of the tracks. This album is going to consist of both new and old tracks, some of which our longtime listeners might remember from live shows or earlier recordings.We are currently looking for shows for our summer, and hopefully we will be out showcasing our new material a lot, so keep an eye out for live videos and recordings to get sneak previews of more songs! The whole studio experience has been special because both bass and drums was recorded on an analog tape recorder, which meant a lot of retakes, but we hope that some of the ”live” feeling got recorded on there as well. Besides that the recording experience has been good. All the mixing and mastering was done at Kloster Productions by Robin ”Rojne” Svensson, the same guy that mixed "Faces Of Death.” Here’s the album’s complete tracklist: ‘Salvation From Below’, ‘In The Grip Of Chaos’, ‘Dark Mistress’, ‘Path Of Perdition’, ‘Death Of A Depraved Mind’, ‘Blazing Fall Of Heaven’, ‘That Which Is Denied Gains Power’, ‘Born Of Hate’, ‘Hell Recreated’ and ‘Faces Of Death’ (the latter two have been taken from the "Faces Of Death" demo). The band has posted a teaser video for "In the Grip Of Chaos" at this location. More info at

During the past couple of weeks FLAMMENSTURM have been working on their second album "Nur Für Den Augenblick" which will be released in late Autumn via Black Light Music. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Unter Rotem Mond’, ‘Drachenwege’, ‘All’ Die Briefe Die Ich Schrieb’, ‘Alte Geschichten’, ‘Des Waldes Geister’, ‘Trinklied’, ‘Feuer’, ‘Nicht Eine Träne’, ‘Kälte’, ‘Vergewaltigt Und Am Boden’, ‘Soweit Der Wind Mich Trägt’, ‘Schärfe Dein Schwert’ and ‘Nur Für Den Augenblick’. The first 500 copies will be released in a wooden box with a burned logo and title, and it includes a couple of extras. More info and ordering details at

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