August 16, 2012

The editors of A DECADE IN THE GRAVE (NECRANASTASIS 1987-1997), the upcoming book about the Greek underground scene, have already finished interviews with VOMIT, DEATH COURIER, FUNERAL URN, NORDOR, SARCASTIC TERROR, and MORTAL PAIN. Still in the works are the features on NERGAL, OBSECRATION, SEPTICEMIA, FLAMES, DESPISE, ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTIC FLESH, EXHUMATION, NIGHTFALL, MEDIEVAL DEATH, NECROMANTIA, ZEMIAL, ACETIC VOICE, SPIDER KICKERS, STIGMA, KAWIR, LEGION OF DOOM, NAER MATARON, VORPHALACK, SICKNESS, PHLEBOTOMY, Andrew Veneris (Merciless Death ‘zine), George Exarchos (ButtFuck ‘zine, FLEGETHON), Wipe Out Records, Melancholy Productions and many more. Apart from that the guys are currently collecting photos, flyers and covers as well as preparing biographies for the most unknown bands of the Hellenic underground scene. More information at

Vocalist Jordan Dorge of Canadian Melodic Death Metallers LAIKA has issued the following statement regarding last month’s ill-fated Laikaruptour 2012 with tech Deathers ABHORUPT: "We are back safe and sound from tour, it was a rocky one but we kept our spirits up. First we would like to thank all the promoters, bands and fans for making this tour possible. We unfortunatly only got to complete 3 of the 8 shows we had booked out west. Our van broke down 3 hours outside of Vancouver, we were super crushed as we were looking forward to hitting Vancouver again and the rest of the dates. We got it towed to a nearby town and they helped us get to kamloops where we waited for the van to get fixed up. Other than the blown transmission we had a successful tour, showed fans a little taste of new material and got our new guitarist worked into the tour life. We are already making plans as your reading this to make up for the lost dates so stay tuned. See the tour video below to witness the journey we had!" You can check out the Laikaruptour 2012 video at this location. LAIKA is currently preparing to hit the studio with engineer Ryan Forsyth to record the long overdue follow up to 2010’s "Crafting The Cataclysm" (available for free download at here). To help fund the album, which will be entitled "Somnia", the band has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at

Polish melodic Death Metallers EMPATIC have replaced guitarist Jakub Bednarski with Piotr Kain Kolakowski (NEYRA, VIOLENT CREED) and drummer Jaroslaw Sliwka Krzysztof Bednarowicz (MANIPULATION, DEATHBRINGER) has also returned to the band. The band is currently working on their next studio album which will be recorded in the second half of 2013 in SB Studio in Ostroleka.

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