August 22, 2012

On October 01, 2012 Kaotoxin Records will release "Cannibalisme, Hérésie Et Autres Sauvageries", the debut full length from French Death Metallers SAVAGE ANNIHILATION. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Le Commencement’, ‘Dépeuplez Ce Monde De Vermines’, ‘Les Catacombes De L’Abomination (Pt.1)’, ‘Les Catacombes De L’Abomination (Pt.2)’, ‘Dévoré Par L’Humanité’, ‘La Marche Des Exhumés’, ‘Dans Un Océan De Putridité’, ‘En État De Décomposition’, ‘Le Soulèvement’ and ‘Ouvrez La Tombe Des Assoifés De Sang’. More info at

"Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations", the debut from ENGORGEMENT, is out now through Comatose Music. A full-album stream can be found at this location. The artwork was done by Andrey Kroms and it was mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio in Italy. All further info at

F.D.A. Records will release "My Empire" from Germany’s Death Metallers DESERTED FEAR on September 28, 2012 in Germany and October 01, 2012 worldwide. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio. A promo video has been posted at this location. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Intro’, ‘The Battalion Of Insanities’, ‘Pestilential’, ‘Nocturnal Frags’, ‘Morbid Infection’, ‘The Black Incantation’, ‘Scene Of Crime’, ‘Field Of Death’, ‘My Empire’ and ‘Bury Your Dead’. Pre-orders for the special CD / t-shirt bundle are available here. For more on DESERTED FEAR visit

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