February 06, 2012

Iron Pegasus Records will soon release an album by SADISTIC INTENT entitled "Official Bootleg". Originally the band never intended to release these recordings, but due to the fact that bootlegs have already popped up (that are being sold for ridiculous prices), they decided to put them out in a proper way (with background info, etc). "Official Bootleg" will include the unreleased first recording session of songs that originally were meant to be on the long awaited "The Second Coming" album plus some additional songs that are exclusively chosen for this album. "The Second Coming" (the album) will still be recorded in a proper way, perhaps still in 2012. SADISTIC INTENT will be back with brandnew material this year and are ready for a split release with PENTACLE. More news will follow soon…  For more details check out www.iron-pegasus.de.

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