February 18, 2012

"Desperate Truth", the debut album by Japanese Death Thrashers VOIDD, that originally came out on Evil Records in 1993 (re-released on vinyl by HMSS in 2007 only in a super limited number of 105 copies) will be re-released by China’s AreaDeath Productions with extended layout / packaging, all lyrics and tons of rare photos. The reissue will be limited to 1000 copies, got remastered and includes a bonus disc with 18 rare tracks from the 1990 demo "Premonatry Inscription", the 1991 demo "Human Atrophy" and the 1992 demo "Pain", as well as 3 songs from different compilations from the early 90s. Other upcoming releases by AreaDeath Productions include DISMANTLE – 2nd album, SQUAD – full discography CD, BARBATOS – 1st album reissue with demo "1942", BARBATOS – unreleased live album, NATAS / NOT US – full discography compilation 2 CD and DECEASED – “Cadaver Traditions” 2 CD (48 cover songs, plus a long story, written by King Fowley, about the Metal-Punk history and what influenced DECEASED and himself).

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