January 03, 2012

As you may have read "Doom Of The Occult" by NECROS CHRISTOS became album of the year in our Voices From The Darkside "Best Of 2011" poll. The band was very honoured by that and sent in the following statement: “We would like to send our sincere regards to all of you out there, who let "Doom Of The Occult" became the album of the year 2011 at Voices From The Darkside. We`re absolutely amazed by that decision while being more than thankful for all the great support we got according to the album. In further news, we`ll start rehearsing new songs this year for the 3rd and final NECROS CHRISTOS album entitled "Domedon Doxomedon", released in years to come. Also, we shall perform some excellent shows this year, so we hope to see as much of you out there as possible. The grand NECROS CHRISTOS bestoweth its blessings unto you, stay tuned to the Metal of Death!” – Mors Dalos Ra

The upcoming re-release of the classic MEGA SLAUGHTER album "Calls From The Beyond" will be delayed. The album was just about to go to printing when suddenly some forgotten pictures and new material from the old days were found. This was considered too important not to be featured in the booklet of the album whereas the release was immediately brought back to be reworked. The booklet will now feature over 40 pages of material from the band. As the booklet will contain more than 40 pages it can no longer fit into a normal jewel case, therefore the release will become a double digipak with a massive booklet. If everything goes well, the album will hopefully be out in February or March, further info about a release date will be posted on www.cryptorium.se when the time comes.

"The Chills", the debut full-length from HORRENDOUS, is now available through Dark Descent Records. To commemorate the release Dark Descent Records and BrooklynVegan.com have posted a full-album stream at this location. "The Chills" was rRecorded, mixed and mastered by HORRENDOUS guitarist / vocalist Damian Herring (FATHER BEFOULED, UNDEAD CREEP, CORPSESSED, etc) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and features cover art from Raul Gonzalez Gonzalez (DECEASED, MORBUS CHRON, ATARAXY, etc.). Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘The Womb’, ‘Ripped To Shreds’, ‘Altars’, ‘The Somber (Desolate Winds)’, ‘The Chills’, ‘Fleshrot’, ‘The Ritual’, ‘Fatal Dreams’, ‘Sleep Sickness’ and ‘The Eye Of Madness’. More info at www.myspace.com/horrendousdeathmetal

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