June 29, 2012

Re-united New York Thrashers PRIME EVIL will release a brandnew EP entitled “Evilution” via Infernö Records (www.inferno-records.net) in mid-July. The EP will feature the three new songs ‘Crucifixion Aftermath’, ‘Barbarick Rites’ and ‘Evilution Decree’ and it will be available as a digipak CD as well as on cassette. More info at www.primeevil.net or www.facebook.com/real.prime.evil

"Enigmatic Symmetries", the new album from German Death Metallers INGURGITATING OBLIVION, will be released via Willowtip Records before the end of the year. The band has described the CD as "a churning maelstrom of technical drums, subsonic atrocities, frantic vocal obscurities and multi-dimensional guitar atonalities." More info at www.ingurgitating-oblivion.de

After the MCD on Selfmadegod Records and the split EPs with PYRAMIDO and BOMBS OF HADES Selfmadegod Records will now release the first full-length from Swedish Death / Crust Metallers USURPRESS, entitled "Trenches Of The Netherworld". The band features Stefan "Steffe" Pettersson (DISKONTO, UNCURBED) and Daniel Ekeroth (bass player from TYRANT, DELLAMORTE and also author of the book "Swedish Death Metal") and the cover artwork was created by Rafal Kruszyk (INTERMENT, HOODED MENACE, DECEASED, PAGANIZER, ENTRAILS). Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Black Death On White Wings’, ‘Effigies Burns Across The Wastelands’, ‘Coronation Of The Crippled King’, ‘The Wooden Sceptre’, ‘The Colours Of Darkness’, ‘Trenches Of The Netherworld’, ‘The God Eaters’, ‘In The Beginning (Ended Yesterday)’, ‘Dethroned By Shadows’, ‘I Stand Above Time’ and ‘Seduction Through Bloodshed’. You can listen to the track ‘Effigies Burns Across The Wastelands’ at this location. More info at www.usurpress.com or www.facebook.com/usurpress

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