March 10, 2012

INCANTATION have issued a number of statements regarding their upcoming new album and the unfortunate passing of former bass player, Joey "Fingers" Lombard… John McEntee: "We are currently working on our new album, which we have about 80% finished. We have a lot more ideas to work on. I am very happy with the way things are coming together. Kyle, Chuck, Alex and I have killer songwriting chemistry and there is such a high quality of musicianship. This is an amazingly strong line up that truely understands the essence of INCANTATION’s music. Watch out for the new album this year and a list of a few festival performances will be announced soon. As most of you know, the INCANTATION family has been dealing with the tragic loss of our former bassist and friend Joey "Fingers" Lombard. It’s still really difficult to believe that Joey is gone. He was truly a great guy and an awesome and dedicated bandmember. Joey’s contribution to the band will never be forgotten. We are fortunate to have written a lot of music with him, so in songs his legacy will live on. Please understand this is a really hard time for the INCANTATION family and friends along with the Lombard family. Thanks for all the tributes and condolences for Joey, it really means a lot to us.” Alex Bouks: "I am more then confident that the new INCANTATION record is going to crush your skulls. In my opinion this is one of the band’s darkest and most brutal collection of songs to date and it is my my honor and privilege to be working with two of Death Metal’s finest players in Kyle Severn and Chuck Sherwood.Unleash the blood of the goat! I wanted to thank everyone for their condolences for our fallen brother in Metal and great friend Joey "Fingers" Lombard. Joey was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Joey had stepped up to the plate and joined John McEntee and myself back in 2000 to create some of INCANTATION’s finest Blasphemy to date!!! He stuck with us for 5 plus long years of writing and traveling the Death Metal roads!! He was an amazing musician and bass player. He had contributed more than most could imagine to the Death Metal scene. He had made many new friends through those years on the road, he was such a likeable guy. I don’t think he had a mean bone in his body. He will be truly missed. 666 horns to my fallen brother of Metal…" INCANTATION have released a brand new track (the first studio release in 6 years) as part of the “After Party Massacre” CD soundtrack and limited edition bloodsplatter vinyl 7” – a sample of the track can be checked out at this location

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