May 12, 2012

INCANTATION are teaming up with their long-time friends IMMOLATION for a series of dates in Brazil. Guitarist Alexander Bouks and band founder John McEntee commented: "This is going to be some historical shows to be sharing the stage with our longtime brothers in IMMOLATION. We are ready to devastate the Brazilian Metal legions with our Death Metal darkness." John added: "Yes it will be great. It’s always a honor to play for them, there are many true Death Metal INCANTATION supporters in Brazil." INCANTATION are currently completing the songwriting process for their forthcoming album to be released later this year. Click here to watch INCANTATION’s video for ‘Dying Divinity’ (with former bassist Joe Lombard who sadly passed away earlier this year, RIP). More INCANTATION at

To promote their brand new album "Obsidium", Belgium’s ENTHRONED will return to the UK this May for two live dates. The band will headline London’s annual Infernal Damnation Festival and play an additional show in Bristol.

Polish Death Metallers GORTAL will enter the studio on June 16, 2012 to begin recording their second album "Deamonolith" at Studio Progresja with producer Pawel Janos Grabowski. The release is scheduled for Autumn 2012 through Pagan Records. PANDEMONIUM’s bassplayer Michael will record all bass tracks on the album. The cover artwork will be created again by Michal Xaay Loranc, who has previously worked with bands such as NILE, BEHEMOTH, ARMAGEDON, TRAUMA and many more. More info:

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