November 27, 2012

DECEASED will release their next full-length album "Ghostly White" through Hells Headbangers in 2013 on both CD and LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘The Shivers’, ‘In A Quiet Town’, ‘Mr’s Allardyce’, ‘The Germ Of Distorted Lore’, ‘To Serve The Insane’, ‘Poor Jessica’s Drifted Away’ and ‘A Palpitation’s Warning’. Founding frontman King Fowley had the following to say about the album: "This record will be a very produced musical journey that will capture the complete morbid side of DECEASED. If we do what we are setting out to do, it will ooze of dark melody without forgetting the rough aggressive edges and catchiness in the songwriting that we’ve kept in our sound since day one. There will be a complete haunting aura throughout the record! A few songs will be lengthy tracks, including a 15-minute ride. Fitting interludes will lock in the actual tracks, and little jolts of madness will also rear their ugly heads from time to time. This is a musical adventure we’ve been waiting to take, and now’s the time. Get out your woolen overcoats, the funeral is about to begin…." Hells Headbangers recently also reissued DECEASED’s "Supernatural Addiction" on CD, with an LP version coming on January 23, 2013, featuring five bonus demo tracks (‘Dark Chilling Heartbeat’, ‘Frozen Screams’, ‘A Very Familiar Stranger’, ‘The Premonition’ and ‘The Hanging Soldier’) and extensive liner notes from King Fowley. For more DECEASED info, go to

As a brief introduction of what is to come old school Black / Death Metallers KING CARNAGE have just released a one song demo track called ‘Slashing In The Black’ at this location. A full length album entitled "Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh" will be released in early 2013 through badGod Music. More info at has posted ‘Sating Erictho’, a new track off "Coils Of The Black Earth", the forthcoming debut from Finnish blackened Death Metallers MAVETH at this location. The album will be available on CD and double-LP (black & grey splatter) on December 15, 2012 through Dark Descent Records. All further information at or

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