October 14, 2012

On November 16, 2012 Cyclone Empire Records will release "Carnage Slaughter And Death", the second album of Swedish Crust / Death Metallers ZOMBIFIED. It was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström from Enhanced Audio Productions at Garageland Studios (THE GROTESQUERY, THE 11TH HOUR, BONE GNAWER, BLODSRIT) and features cover artwork and booklet layout by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media.com). The vinyl version will be strictly limited to 500 copies on heavy vinyl and include an artwork poster Members of ZOMBIFIED have been or still are active in bands like FACEBREAKER, BLODSRIT, PAGANIZER, TORMENTED, SCAR SYMMETRY, AKTIV DÖDSHJÄLP or SINNERS BURN. The tracklist of "Carnage Slaughter And Death" reads like this: ‘Carnage Slaughter And Death’, ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Withering Souls’, ‘Suffering Ascends’, ‘Clenched Fist Vengeance’, ‘Endless Days Of Wrath’, ‘Reborn In Sin’, ‘Corrosive Spiral’, ‘The Flesh Of The Living’, ‘The Last Stand’, ‘Slayer Fashion’ and ‘Reign Of Terror’ More info at www.facebook.com/zombifiedswe

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