September 24, 2012

All those of you who still prefer to read non-digital fanzines are adviced to check out ARGYOPE # 2. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a real fanzine, it’s actually more of a newsletter type thing with only a handful of interviews in it, but since it’s almost for free (you just gotta check the individual postage costs with editor Saul), there’s nothing to complain about. On 16 half-sized, xeroxed pages you get features on DERKETA, ACHERON, INHUMATE, LUCIFERA and LELAHELL that are mostly written in English (strangely with a couple of French parts included as well). More details from

For a limited period of time DEIPHAGO offer an exclusive stream of their brand-new album "Satan Alpha Omega" at Zero Tolerance magazine’s website. The album is out now through Hells Headbangers.

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