September 29, 2012

Michel Jonker of Groningen based, Dutch old school Death Metallers ENTRAPMENT has finished the recordings of the band’s debut full length "The Obscurity Within…". It will be released on October 26, 2012 via Soulseller Records, with artwork created by Mattias Vanhelgd. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Catatonic Rites’, ‘Shallow Breath’, ‘Feast Of Atonement’, ‘The Obscurity Within…’, ‘Dead And Cold’, ‘Infernal Blasphemies’ (a re-recorded songfrom their "Infernal Blasphemies" demo 2010), ‘Anxiety’, ‘Eternal Bliss’, ‘Mentally Deranged’ and ‘Soul Entrapment’ (another re-recorded demo song, from the "Putrefying Stench Of Death" demo). More info and a sound sample you’ll find here

Greek Death Metallers WAR POSSESSION (featuring members of EMBRACE OF THORNS, MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION and WARGOAT) have been signed by Hellthrasher Productions for the release of their upcoming EP "Through The Ages". It is supposed to be out in November and has the following tracklisting: ‘In The Shadow Of The Ancient Gods’, ‘Medieval Bloodlust’, ‘World War Domination’, ‘A Taste Of Things To Come (Chaos Awaits)’ and ‘Deathmarch’. The song ‘World War Domination’ is available for streaming at this location.

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