February 23, 2013

The VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE Issue 1-10 book edition is finally out through www.ironbonehead.de now. It’s a full size (A4) hardcover book with gloss lamination, has 872 pages and was printed on 115g paper. The weight is 3,00 kg / 6,7 lb per book and the whole edition is limited to 1000 copies. The book contains all long out of print 10 issues of VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE, as well as all columns out of Germany’s Horror Infernal Magazine # 30-43 plus in-depth background info and liner-notes from Paul Speckmann (MASTER), Kam Lee (ex-MANTAS / DEATH, MASSACRE), Mike Browning (ex-MORBID ANGEL / INCUBUS / NOCTURNUS / ACHERON, AFTER DEATH), Rick Cortez (SADISTIC INTENT), Ross Dolan (IMMOLATION), Lee Harrison (MONSTROSITY), Joakim Sterner (NECROPHOBIC) and Wannes Gubbels (PENTACLE). Apart from Iron Bonehead it is also being distributed by the following companies: Nuclear Blast (Germany), High Roller (Germany), Dunkelheit (Germany), Cyclone Empire (Germany), Nuclear War Now! (US), Hells Headbangers (US), Dark Descent (US), Forever Plagued (US), Coffin Slave (Australia), Me Saco Un Ojo (UK), Aphelion (UK), Forgotten Wisdom (F), Horror (Denmark), Hammerheart (Holland), Blasphemous Art (Italy), Into The Void (Ireland), Invictus (Ireland), Nuclear Winter (Greece), Obliteration (Japan), Hammer Of Hate (Finland). More info and a couple of pics you’ll find at this location

The vinyl version of the latest FUNERUS album "Reduced To Sludge" will be released on March 05, 2013 via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. It will be available in 400 black and 100 brown copies, packed in a jacket sleeve with an additional insert and a big poster. It can already be pre-ordered at www.hellthrasher.com/shop

On February 27, 2013 NADER SADEK will self-release a live CD / DVD entitled "Living Flesh". The full tracklisting reads like this: ‘Re:awakening’, ‘Nigredo In Necromance’, ‘Sulffer’, ‘Mechanic Idolatry’, ‘Soulless’, ‘Rusted Skin’ / Drum solo, ‘Of This Flesh’, ‘Re: exhaust’ and ‘Petrophilia’. It was filmed during a 2011 performance at Santos Party House in Manhattan. Two of the featured songs can already be checked out here (‘Sulffer’) and here (‘Nigredo In Necromance’). "Living Flesh" will also be released in a single, unique vinyl edition. Consisting of a very special packaging and extra content, limited to one exclusive copy worldwide. Details to be announced. For pre-orders and more information check out www.nadersadek.com or www.facebook.com/naderflesh

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