February 27, 2013

‘Like Worms Upon The Lands’, a track from Finnish DEATHCHAIN‘s upcoming album "Ritual Death Metal", can already be heard in its entirety here. The album will be released on April 05, 2013 through Svart Records. The cover art was created by Babalon Graphics, other layout work by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13 Media. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Voice Of Sharur’, ‘Stele Of The Vultures’, ‘Seven Asakku Shadows’, ‘Our Lady Under The Earth’, ‘King Pazuzu’, ‘Like Worms Upon The Lands’ (featuring guest vocals by ENTOMBED’s LG Petrov), ‘Tiamat’s Eyes Of Death’ and ‘Abzu Doom’. More information at www.deathchain.com or www.facebook.com/deathchainband

US Death Metallers BLOODSOAKED will be touring Europe this April together with Bay Area Melodic Deathers SHORT FUSE, Dallas-based blackened Deathers PSYCHIATRIC REGURGITATION, Boston Thrashers BLACK MASS and Chicago Death Metallers HATE STORM ANNIHILATION. The tour will kick off on April 05, 2013 in Görlitz, Germany. For more details visit the "Rotting In Europe 2013 Tour" event page. BLOODSOAKED’s last record, "The Death Of Hope", was released in 2011 via Comatose Music. That album, along with 2009’s "Sadistic Greed…Grotesque Memories" are streaming in full at www.bloodsoaked.stereokiller.com. All further info at www.bloodsoaked.net or www.facebook.com/bloodsoaked666

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