January 05, 2013

Issue # 3 of SOLEIL TRYSTE ZINE has just been released. On 72 pro-printed black / white pages (plus full color hardboard cover) you get long, deep and personal interviews with ANGUISH, CRUCIAMENTUM, GEVURAH, OMINOUS SILENCE RECORDS, THE NIHILISTIC FRONT and VULTURINE, a long tour diary of the "Doomwards Let Us Row" European tour 2012 with ESOTERIC, AHAB and OPHIS, as well as a report on the "Congregation Of The Obscure" European tour 2012 with DEAD CONGREGATION and INFINITUM OBSCURE. A preview of some of the pages as well as ordering details can be found at www.soleiltryste.org

California’s Death Metallers GRAVEHILL have been confirmed as support for DECEASED’s "March Of The Cadavers" 2013 tour. Before hitting the road, the band will be busy writing and recording their new album "Death Curse", which is the follow-up to 2011’s "When All Roads Lead To Hell". It is expected to be completed at the end of March. More info at www.facebook.com/gravehill

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