July 02, 2013

Swedish old school Death Metallers DESOLATOR are currently streaming their entire 12-track debut full-length "Unearthly Monument" at this location. The CD version of the album was released on June 30, 2013 by Hellthrasher Productions, the vinyl edition is currently being negotiated. "Unearthly Monument" features cover artwork and layout courtesy of Rafal Kruszyk and Bartek Kurzok and the tracklist reads like this: ‘Thy Flesh Consumed’, ‘Desolated’, ‘Gravefeast’, ‘Mass Human Pyre’, ‘Infernal Gathering’, ‘Feeding Frenzy’, ‘The Triumph Of Death’, ‘Bludgeoned, Beaten And Berated’, ‘Second Killing Of Christ’, ‘Impaled’, ‘Age Of Annihilation’ and ‘Antimortem Autopsy’.

Infernö Records have signed Speed Metallers DEMONA for the release of their new full length "Speaking With The Devil". The album will include 8 songs (+ intro / outro) and is supposed to be out before the end of the year on CD, digi CD, cassette and vinyl. A die hard version of the cassette will be released on Destruktion Records. The following two songs are already streaming on youtube: ‘Traitors‘ and ‘Dirty Speed Metal‘. DEMONA originally started in 2007 as a one-woman project in Chile with singer / guitarist Tanza. In June 2011 Tanza moved to Québec, Canada where she finally completed the line-up with Gabrihell (guitars), Jeff (bass) and Antoine (drums). The band’s debut album was released by Dying Victims Productions (CD) and Heavy Forces (Vinyl) in March 2012. For more info on the band check out www.demonametal.com

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