July 21, 2013

On July 30, 2013 Hellthrasher Productions will re-release "Doomscapes", the debut full-length from Norwegian progressive Death Metallers DISKORD, as a limited edition (1000 copies) double-CD including the previously self-released "Aural Abjection" EP. "Doomscapes" was originally released in 2007 by Edgerunner Records. Here’s the tracklist: CD1 – ‘An Architectonic Manifestation Of Death’, ‘Public Static Void’, ‘Harbinger’, ‘Absurreality’, ‘Cosmic Collapse’, ‘The Ubiquitous Transience’, ‘Inane Existence’, ‘Pervasive Discreteness’, ‘Overstrain’, ‘Heritage’, ‘Reptilian Ancestry’ and ‘Instauration’. CD2 – ‘Havoc Intermezzo’, ‘Instauration’, ‘Cosmic Collapse’, ‘Existential Absurdity’, ‘Public Static Void’, ‘Cease Of Existence’, ‘Neurotic’, ‘Complicity’ and ‘Dysthymic Lifetime’. All further information at www.diskord.net or www.facebook.com/pages/diskord/6342268411

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