June 22, 2013

Malaysia’s old school Black Metallers NEFTARAKA will self-release a new 5 song EP in early July through the band’s own label Eastern Myth Records. A sample track can be checked out here. More information at http://easternmythrecs.blogspot.com

FACEBREAKER‘s “Dedicated To The Flesh” is exclusively streaming in its entirety at this location until the album’s release on June 28, 2013. A new lyric video for ‘Carving For Brains’ can furthermore be checked out here. “Dedicated To The Flesh” was recorded in early 2013 at Panic Room Studios (drums), Slowly Rotting Studios (guitar, bass) and Crypt Of Death Studios (vocals, lead guitars). The artwork was created by Björn Gooßes (Killustrations). The album will be available as a first-press limited digipak and limited LP (white vinyl). Both releases contain an exclusive alternative version of ‘Legions Of Doom’ (from 2012’s “Zombie God” 7" EP) as bonus. More info at www.facebreaker.com, www.facebook.com/pages/facebreaker/113329752016270

Chile’s PENTAGRAM CHILE have launched a lyric video for the brand new track ‘La Fiura’ (from their upcoming album "The Malefice") at this location. Comments band leader Anton Reisenegger: "We’ve played this song live a few times now, so it made sense to use it as the first advance of the album. I think it represents the vibe of the album with all the characteristic PENTAGRAM riffs. The lyrics deal with a mythological creature from the South of Chile, from the island of Chiloé to be exact. There’s really dark stuff down there and I think I will explore more of it in the future." On July 12, 2013 PENTAGRAM CHILE will also release a strictly limited split 7” with MASTER (500 hand numbered copies on heavy green vinyl). PENTAGRAM CHILE contributes ‘Demented’, an old previously unreleased song from the 80s, while MASTER have recorded a completely new song, ‘Another Suicide’. ‘Demented’ is the last recording the original PENTAGRAM line-up made in 2009, before drummer Eduardo Topelberg left the band to pursue a career in politics. The song is also included on the album, yet in a slightly different version and with new member Juan Pablo Donoso on drums. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/pages/pentagram-chile/78253131363 or www.youtube.com/pentagramchile1985

Swedish Thrashers WARFECT have released another track from their forthcoming album “Exoneration Denied” at this location. The album will be released through Cyclone Empire on June 28, 2013 The tracklist reads like this: ‘Exoneration Denied’, ‘Drone Wars’, ‘Filled With Hate’, ‘Inflammatory’, ‘Retribution Unfold’, ‘The Prince’, ‘Nation Divided’, ‘Slit With Razor’, ‘Roman Disfigure’ and ‘Pried From Earth’. More WARFECT at www.facebook.com/warfect

In Autum / Winter 2013 Cyclone Empire will officially re-release the first three albums by Death Metal legends CANCER on CD and LP. The releases will be re-mastered, feature loads of bonus material and liner notes and come up with revised cover artwork. Here’s the official statement from the band: "Long overdue releases, good to see’em back out there. Featuring John Tardy, Glenn Benton and James Murphy and a lot of gore flick influence in the capable hands of Scott Burns and Simon Efemey. We are very pleased that the first CDs are coming out again, hopefully we will reach new fans that have not heard CANCER."

PAGANIZER had to cancel their upcoming summer shows (incl. Protzen Open Air and Obscene Extreme Fest), as their second guitarist Andreas left the band. Here’s a little statement by Rogga himself: "As a few times before in the past 15 and more years, Andreas has decided to leave the rotten ship that is PAGANIZER. Nothing spectacular about that…the man isn’t hardcore Death Metal like the rest of us idiots, he often needs a few years breal to listen to Sophie Zelmani. So now Dennis moved over to lead guitar and it’ll be killer as he’s a better guitarplayer than me or Andreas (wich isn’t hard though). And on the bass we have now long time friend Willy Darkness, the man the myth the mystery (to women anyways…). We have had to cancel the shows for this summer wich we are fucken pissed about of corpse, but with some effort we will do them next year instead! Cheers!" All additional PAGANIZER info can be found at www.facebook.com/pages/paganizer/201782296500909

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