May 24, 2013

"Cancer Eradication", the second album of CHRIST DENIED, will be released on June 15, 2013. Two weeks later the band will perform their very first show ever, in their almost 20-year history, at the "Move Your Fucking Brain Fest" in Barcelona, followed a week later by "Obscene Extreme Fest" in the Czech Republic and later on, in October, at the "Ritual Zombi Fest" in Madrid. The tracklist for "Cancer Eradication" reads like this: ‘Weak Lunatics’, ‘Blasphemic Blessings’, ‘Putrid Christian Blood’, ‘Christ Is Gone’, ‘Limbless God’, ‘Prophylactic Execution’, ‘Beheading The Abomination’, ‘Infidel’s Triumph’ and ‘Of The Underworld’ (IMPRECATION cover). The cover artwork was created by Greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas. You can check it out in HD quality along with an advance track at this location. More information on CHRIST DENIED at

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