September 19, 2013

DR. SHRINKER will play a reunion show on the September 28, 2013 at the Club Garibaldi’s in Milwaukee with special guests BURNING SONS, FACE OF OBLIVION, MORTA SKULD and THE COLD BEYOND. More info at

Vic Records will be re-releasing the 2nd POLLUTED INHERITANCE album "Betrayed" on October 28, 2013 with liner notes and 3 additional demo tracks from the band’s 1994 demo. For additional information check out

At the end of September 2013 Godreah Records will release BAL SAGOTH‘s 1993 demo with bonus tracks on CD and vinyl as a limited edition. The demo was never officially released before, because the band directly went on to record their debut album for Cacophonous Records shortly after. The release features all of the tracks as they were originally recorded plus some exclusive bonus material, as well as full lyrics and new sleeve-notes by BAL-SAGOTH vocalist / lyricist Byron Roberts. For more info and pre-order information check out

Unspeakable Axe Records will release the second, as of yet untitled, full length from MORGENGRAU next year. Vocalist / guitarist Erika Morgengrau has this to say about the signing: "We are very pleased and honored to be working with such a professional and respected label. This will allow us to move to the next level with our music and shall certainly inspire us to produce a second album that buries the first!" The recordings for the new album will start next summer with a release scheduled for mid to late 2014. All further info at

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