August 15, 2014

Norwegian Death Metallers DISKORD are currently streaming their new mini album "Oscillations" in its entirety at this location. It has just been released on digipak CD via Hellthrasher Productions (Europe) and Australopitheucs Records (USA). The vinyl edition will be out on September 02, 2014 in two different colors. The tracklist of "Oscillations"reads like this: ‘Horrid Engine’, ‘Lethargic Regression’, ‘Hermit Dream’, ‘Elytrous Oscillations’, ‘Symbiotic Whims’ and ‘A Downward Spire’. More about DISKORD at

"Scourge Of The Formless Breed", the third album from Italy’s brutal Death Metallers SEPTYCAL GORGE, will be self-released by the band in Europe on September 05, 2014 while the U.S. edition will be released (with a different packaging) via Comatose Music on October 14, 2014. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Living Torment Of The Sleeping God’, ‘Urizen – The Burning Sun’, ‘Slaughter Conceived’, ‘No Spawn No Reign (Sons Of Enoch Pt.1)’, ‘Breed Of The Rejected (Sons Of Enoch Pt.2)’, ‘Anabasis / Paralysis’, ‘Deeds Of Eternity’, ‘Coil Of Nothingness’ and ‘Awakening Of The Seven Serpents’. You can already stream the track ‘Breed Of The Rejected (Sons Of Enoch Pt.2)’ at this location. More about SEPTYCAL GORGE at

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