July 04, 2014

On August 08, 2014 Cyclone Empire will re-release the first three CANCER full lengths "To The Gory End" (1990), "Death Shall Rise" (1991) and "The Sins Of Mankind" (1993) on CD and on vinyl (in orange, blue and red respectively). Each re-release features exclusive bonus material. "To The Gory End" will additionally have two tracks from the band’s 1989 demo (‘Our Fate’ and ‘Revenged’), "Death Shall Rise" also comes up with live songs from 1992’s Milwaukee Metalfest (‘Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ and ‘Blood Bath’) and "The Sins Of Mankind" has two tracks from a 1992 working demo, with no vocals on offer (‘Cloak Of Darkness’ and ‘Electro-Convulsive Therapy’). More about CANCER at www.facebook.com/cancerbanduk

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