June 12, 2014

‘Ride The Beast’, a track from CEMETERY LUST‘s forthcoming second album "Orgies Of Abomination", is already streaming here. The album will be released via Hells Headbangers on June 24, 2014, followed by a re-release of their debut "Screams Of The Violated" later this year. "Orgies Of Abomination" features the following tracks: ‘Inhumane Indulgence’ (Intro), ‘Mass Grave Orgy’, ‘Bloody Whore Bath’, ‘Ride The Beast’, ‘Malice In The Morgue’, ‘Cyborg Sex Machine’, ‘Tenement’, ‘Devils Grave Disturbance’, ‘Intent To Molest’, ‘Cum On The Cross’, ‘S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Death)’ and ‘Malefic Masturbation’. For all additional CEMETERY LUST info check out www.facebook.com/cemeterylust or www.reverbnation.com/cemeterylust

The following tracks will appear on "Antikristus", the debut full length from PROVOCATOR: ‘Let Jesus Fuck You’ (Intro), ‘Unholy Rape Of The Holy Whore’, ‘7 Storms Of Eternal Damnation’, ‘Conqueror Of Blasphemous Revenge’, ‘Profanation Of The Cross’, ‘Kirkebrann’, ‘Black Star Of Lucifer’ and ‘Antikristus’. The album will be released on August 19, 2014 via Moribund Records. More PROVOCATOR information at www.facebook.com/provocator.cult

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