August 28, 2015

Avesta / Sweden based Doom / Deathers MOONDARK have been signed by Cyclone Empire. The band’s first ever official album is scheduled for a 2016 release. MOONDARK’s current line-up consists of Alexander Högbom (vocals, VOLTURYON, SPASMODIC, OCTOBER TIDE, CENTINEX), Mattias Norrman (guitars, OCTOBER TIDE, ex – KATATONIA, INTERMENT, DELLAMORTE), Johan Jansson (guitars, INTERMENT, PARASIT, ex – DEMONICAL, REGURGITATE, DELLAMORTE), Allan Lundholm (bass, INTERMENT, ex – CONVULSION, CIRCLE OF CHAOS) and Kennet Englund (drums, INTERMENT, DEMONICAL, CENTINEX, ex – UNCANNY, DELLAMORTE). At the end of August 1993 MOONDARK entered Soundline Studios in Avesta and recorded 7 songs with engineer Per Samuelsson for a demo that was simply entitled “Demo # 1”. 14 years later Swedish Dreamtide Music resurrected these old recordings and released them as a limited edition CD entitled “The Shadowpath”. The demo also got released as a digipak CD by No Colours Records and on LP via Temple Of Darkness in 2007. In May 2015 Xtreem Music re-issued “The Shadowpath” on CD with new artwork made by Juanjo Castellano. This release was completed with a bio, photos and all the lyrics. A vinyl edition will follow in 2016. For more information check out

Portland, Oregon Grinders IMMORAL MAJORITY have just posted live footage from their show at Deadfest 2015 in Oakland, California, featuring guest vocalist / guitarist Ryan Bartek (of Portland grinders VULTURE LOCUST) at this location. All further info at:

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