December 06, 2015

The debut demo of French brutal Death / Thrashers SKULLDOG is available for free download now at this location. More about SKULLDOG at

On December 25, 2015 Canometal Records will release a split CD from DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) and FETID ZOMBIE (USA) entitled "Profane Rites Of Death". It will be limited to 500 copies and the cover artwork comes courtesy of Mark Riddick. For all further information check out or

On December 12, 2015 Old Temple Records ( will release a 20 tracks DEMONIC RAGE compilation CD entitled "Omen Of Doom". It will feature the following material: "The Occult Formulas To Desecrate Souls" (EP 2011), "Studio Rehearsal" (June 2011), "Sulphuric Congregation Towards The Holocaust Of All Sacred And Holy" (Demo 2010), "The Anguish’s Doomaelstrom" (Demo 2008), "Demo # 2" (2006), "Demo Rehearsal" (April 2004), "Advance Demo" (May 05, 2003), "Promo 2007" and "Live 2001" (March 01, 2001). More DEMONIC RAGE info at

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