February 02, 2015

Alex Marquez (SOLSTICE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, DEMOLITION HAMMER) is the new drummer for Florida Death Metallers BRUTALITY. According to an official statement on BRUTALITY’s Facebook site he’s a full member of the band now: "This isn’t some side-man gig either. He’s a member of the band. We sent him some of the stuff we’re recording for the new album and he mounted the war machine and added some of his trademark Alex (Thunderhammer) Marquez brutalness to the track and we were all naturally very impressed! Who wouldn’t be… it’s fuckin Alex Marquez!!! The guy is a BEAST!!!! He will be coming up to Ceremonial Studios in February to finish the writing process with us. We fuckin’ told you boys an girls this was gonna be the best BRUTALITY record yet." More information at www.facebook.com/brutalitytheband

After a 7 ½ years hiatus Sweden’s blackened Death Metallers IN AETERNUM is rehearsing and playing gigs again. On February 14, 2015 they will already share the stage with UK’s SHARDS and Swedish Black Metallers PATRONYMICON at the Kungen club in Sandviken, Sweden. For more info and updates check out www.facebook.com/inaeternumofficial

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