February 17, 2015

Necroharmonic Productions have just re-released CREMATORY‘s “Denial“ as a hand numbered, double vinyl LP with a gatefold sleeve. It is available in the following colors / quantities: burgandy / gray (200 copies), green / yellow (200 copies), black / dark blue (166 copies) and lavender / light blue (166 copies). For ordering details check out http://necroharmonic.bigcartel.com/artist/crematory. The release features the band’s 1992 CD / MLP “Denial“ as well as the 3 demos “The Exordium“ (1990), “Wrath From The Unknown“ (1991) and “Netherworlds Of The Mind“ (1992), plus the "Mortal Torment" promo (1989) and one unreleased track. All additional info on CREMATORY at www.crematorydeathmetal.com

The following releases will also be out through Necroharmonic Productions in the near future: PUTRIFACT / DECAY – Split CD, PHLEGM – “Consumed By The Dead" (discography CD), DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY – “Prelude To Apocalypse“ (limited vinyl edition), ROTTREVORE – “Disembodied“ (demos / 7“ EPs discography vinyl LP), DERKETA – “Goddess Of Death“ (demos / 7" EPs discography vinyl LP), CADAVER – Demo collection, CATTLEPRESS (demo / unreleased album session and 7" EP discography), WOMB / DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY – Split LP and DRIPPING – “Bring The Suffering“ (LP). For more info and regular updates check out www.necroharmonic.com or www.facebook.com/necroharmonic

The Crypt Records will release the vinyl edition of PUTRID OFFAL‘s discography compilation "Premature Necropsy" in late 2015 / early 2016, limited to 500 copies (of which 250 copies will be released in colored vinyl). It will have exclusive liner notes and the 2014 demo version of ‘Suffering’ (from the collector’s EP of the same name) as a bonus. www.facebook.com/cryptvinyl

"Darkness Beyond", the new full length from Mexico’s HACAVITZ is now streaming in its entirety at this location. The album will be released on February 24, 2015 via Dark Descent Records. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Terra Nihil’, ‘Deadream’, ‘Livskit’, ‘Darkness Beyond’, ‘Herejia’, ‘De Humo Negro Y Ceniza’ and ‘Time Is Now’. More about HACAVITZ at www.facebook.com/pages/hacavitz/245881618866104

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