July 19, 2015

Colombia’s BELLS OF ACHERON ZINE has just released its third issue. Apart from the usual reviews it features a special about German Thrash Metal / Gama Records bands (interviews with DARKNESS, NECRONOMICON, STRANGER), a KING FOWLEY adventures article and interviews with DEATH COURIER, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, XENOTAPH, AGONY LORDS, JOSE LUIS CANO (writter of the book “BLACK METAL AND ITS SINISTER ANTECEDENTS IN ROCK AND HEAVY METAL”) HYPNOSIA, VANHELGD, SORCERER, BLOOD FARMERS, FORCED KILL, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, FUNERAL NATION, INFERNAL SLAUGHTER, CHANCRO DURO, UNDER THE CHURCH, BLACK JESUS, MACHETAZO and INFERNUS SERPEST. 76 pages in total. For ordering information please contact: traumarkhan@hotmail.com

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