March 11, 2015

Belarus based Polish Death Metallers VELD have just released their new album "Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian" via Lacerated Enemy Records as a special six-panel digipak, limited to 300 copies. The tracklist reads like this: ‘The Sweet Sound Of Torment’ (Intro), ‘World In Obscure’, ‘Constant Suffering’, ‘Endless Spiritual Paranoia’, ‘Lost But Never Forgotten’ (acoustic instrumental), ‘Merciless And The Innocents’, ‘Conquerors Of All Icons’, ‘Love – Anguish – Hate’, ‘In Eternal Waiting’ (instrumental) and ‘Annihilation Of Divinity (Trust Upon Ignorance)’. A video for ‘World In Obscure’ can be checked out at this location. More info at

California Death Metallers FATALIST have inked a deal with F.D.A. Records. Neil Burkdoll commented the deal as follows: "Wes and I are very happy and excited to be joining the FDA family and we plan on recording our second full length later this year!!! Rico was one of the first people to contact us when we released the "Promo 2014" songs last November and I could tell he wanted to work with us from the very beginning. FATALIST will bring you an album that picks up where our "In The Depths Of Inhumanity" album left off, but is more brutal while still retaining all the memorable songs we are known for. We have been writing songs like crazy and we have many to choose from. Look out for a new album later this year from FATALIST!!!" FATALIST’s 2009 debut album "In The Depth Of Inhumanity" will be re-released by F.D.A. Records in Spring 2015 on CD and (for the first time) vinyl. More band info at

Finish Doom / Deathers VAINAJA are currently working on the follow-up full length to 2014’s "Kadotetut". According to the band the guitars are already done and the vocals for two songs finished. Dan Swanö will take care of the mastering in April. In the meantime you can check out a video for the song ‘ViimeinenTuomio’ (taken from their Svart Records debut album) at this location. All further band info at

On April 17, 2015 High Roller Records will release "Fire Before Possession: The Lost Tapes" from German Thrashers EXUMER on CD and LP. The LP version will be limited to 500 copies (200 on black and 300 on white / black splatter vinyl) and will include an A4 lyric sheet and a poster. Here’s some background info from EXUMER’s Mem von Stein about the release: "This is the only advance tape for "Possessed By Fire", recorded in the fall of 1986. Disaster Records had asked us to prepare a decent tape with the bulk of the material we were supposed to record for the album, in order to check out the songs. This tape was only given out to the label by that time and a few close friends of the band. We all lost our copies, but one of our friends held on to his one. We hope you enjoy this raw version of what later became our debut album, "Possessed By Fire"." The whole material has been re-mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in October 2014 and the artwork / design for “Fire Before Possession” comes from Alexander von Wieding, who already worked on other High Roller releases from MASTER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT etc. More EXUMER at

About two months later (on June 12, 2015) High Roller Records will re-issue 3 classic PROTECTOR releases on vinyl and CD. The vinyl editions will be limited to 500 copies each and include a lyric sheet and a poster. Here’s some more details: "Misanthropy" (150 copies on black and 350 copies on ultra clear / black splatter vinyl), "Golem" (150 copies on black and 350 copies on ultra clear / red splatter vinyl) and "Urm The Mad" (150 copies on black and 350 copies on transparent beer / black splatter vinyl). The "Misanthropy" MLP will furthermore include an additional black vinyl bonus 7" EP and a promo photo. All records have been re-mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. More info and pre-order details at

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