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October 31, 2015

On November 30, 2015 Sevared Records will release the new full length from Swedish brutal Death Metallers INSISION. The album is entitled "Terminal Reckoning" and will feature the following tracks: ‘Among Us’, ‘Ominious Spiral’, ‘Infected’, ‘Shapeshifting’, ‘Old Ways’, ‘Cold Air’, ‘XXVI.II.MMXIV’ and ‘Resist’. The cover artwork has been created by Andreas Marschall. More about INSISION at www.insision.com or www.facebook.com/pages/insision/167990061947

October 30, 2015

The upcoming eighth album from Norwegian Viking Metallers HELHEIM will be entitled "Raunijar". It was recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio with Bjørnar Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES) and mastered by Herbrand Larsen (ENSLAVED). The artwork was created by H’grimnir. Bass player / vocalist V’gandr issued the following statement: "The opening track ‘Helheim 9’ is actually the last in the line of the HELHEIM tracks where Hrymr in particular has been the creative force. He has combined his unique creativity and symbolism in a way that overwhelms everything that came before, and the result is a truly fitting closure. The title track ‘Raunijar’ continues on from HELHEIM’s ‘Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr’, and has a relentlessly driving sound that showcases the confrontational, yet familiar, Black Metal sound in the vein of ‘Dualitet Og Ulver’. ‘Åsgards Fall’ Parts 3 and 4 will be the final and vital link in the completion of the theme that was begun in both lyrical and musical terms with the "Åsgards Fall" MCD. Closing the album is ‘Odr’, a solemn track that gives the album an ending full of the grandeur and respect that it deserves." "Raunijar" will be released on December 04, 2015 via Dark Essence Records. For more HELHEIM information check out www.facebook.com/helheimnorway

Swedish Death Metallers LIK are now streaming another song from their recently released debut full length "Mass Funeral Evocation". You can check out ‘Death Orgasmic’ at this location. The previously released ‘Le Morte Homme’ is still streaming here. All further LIK info at www.facebook.com/likofficial

October 29, 2015

MASTER have just finished recording their upcoming new full length "An Epiphany Of Hate" at Shaark Studios in the Czech Republic. The album will be released on January 29, 2016 (CD / digitally) and February 26, 2016 (vinyl) via F.D.A. Records. The cover artwork was created by Mark Cooper and the complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Subdue The Politician’, ‘Fiction Soon Becomes Reality’, ‘Face Your Fear’, ‘Just Be Yourself’, ‘Just Take My Right Arm’, ‘An Epiphany Of Hate’, ‘It’s Clearly Eden’, ‘The People Of The Damned’, ‘Senses All Will Be Controlled’ and ‘Red Alert’. For all further MASTER info check out www.master-speckmetal.net or www.facebook.com/pages/master/18521536017

Brazilian Death Metallers REBAELLIUN have just started rehearsing the material for their upcoming new full length “The Hell Decrees”. The album will be recorded in December, with a release scheduled for May 2016 via Hammerheart Records. Before that Hammerheart Records will release the band’s “At War” demo / CD single as a 7” EP in November 2015, followed by re-issues of “Burn The Promised Land” and “Annihilation” on CD and LP in March / April 2016. More info and updates at www.facebook.com/rebaelliun

North Carolina based brutal Death Metallers ABHORRENT DEFORMITY will be releasing their new full length "Entity Of Malevolence" via Comatose Music on October 30, 2015. The cover artwork was created by Marco Hasmann and the complete album is currently streaming at this location. For more band information check out www.facebook.com/abhorrentdeformity

Belgium’s blackened Death Metallers EMPTINESS have been signed by Season of Mist. Here’s an official statement from the band regarding their signing: "We are currently working on the follow-up to "Nothing But The Whole", for which our aim is to release it in late 2016 on our new label Season of Mist. We also would like to thank Dark Descent for supporting us in our decision and for helping to spread the seeds of the void. Important news will follow in due time." More about EMPTINESS at www.emptiness.be or www.facebook.com/emptiness.be

Swedish EREB ALTOR will record 7 BATHORY classics for a special vinyl only release entitled “Blot – Ilt – Taut” (old Swedish for “Blood – Fire – Death”). Here’s some comments from Mats about this special release: “During the years of EREB ALTOR I have often been confronted with these words: ‘You should record some BATHORY hymns!’ And recently this has happened more frequently, perhaps due to the fact that we at some rare occasions have done a BATHORY song or two live. This has been haunting my mind. If we would do this, how should we do this? There is only one answer to that question: we will do it from the heart!!! And for us it was also important to put our EREB ALTOR touch on these magnificent works of Quorthon. The classic albums that I grew up with are closer to my heart than the post “Twilight Of The Gods” albums. So we decided to do only songs from the classic albums. So many great songs to choose from! Let’s make a full album while we’re at it. So it shall be done! Our next release “Blot – Ilt – Taut” will contain seven BATHORY hymns interpretated by EREB ALTOR.” The album will be released via Cyclone Empire on vinyl (and digitally) on February 26, 2016 and you can expect the following: one song from the first “Scandinavian Metal Attack” compilation, one song from “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”, two songs from “Blood Fire Death”, two songs from “Hammerheart” and one song from “Twilight Of The Gods”. You can check out a teaser here. For all further info check out www.erebaltor.com or www.facebook.com/erebaltorofficial

"Inescapable Damnation", the debut EP from Los Angeles based Thrashers MURASHITA, is out now. MURASHITA is the new project by Masaki Murashita and features performances from David Ellefson (MEGADETH), Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION, SIX FEET UNDER, CHIMAIRA), Kelly Conlon (DEATH, MONSTROSITY) and Rodney McGlothlin (VOICE OF DISSENT). The EP’s title track is currently streaming at this location. An official lyric video for the opening track ‘Retribution’ is playing here. More info at www.masakimurashita.com or www.facebook.com/murashitamusic

October 28, 2015

Bay Area based Death / Thrashers INSANITY are now streaming the title track from their upcoming new full length "Visions Of Apocalypse" right here. You can also check out two more new tracks here and here. "Visions Of Apocalypse" will be released on November 13, 2015 via Unspeakable Axe Records. A vinyl edition via Dark Descent Records is also in the works, tentatively set for a late year release. More INSANITY at www.facebook.com/insanity-57208433713

October 27, 2015

The new HORRENDOUS album, "Anareta", is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It was recorded, mixed and mastered this summer at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and the cover art comes courtesy of Brian Smith. Dark Descent Records will release the album on October 30, 2015. More HORRENDOUS information at www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal

Canadian Death Metallers TALES OF THE TOMB will be self-releasing their debut EP "Volume One: Morpras" on November 27, 2015. A new song (‘The Pig Farmer’) is already streaming at this location. The EP, which was recorded at Hillbilly Wizard Sound Studio and mixed / mastered by Dan Swanö, features the following three tracks: ‘Snowtown’, ‘The Pig Farmer’ and ‘Dr Death’. More about TALES OF THE TOMB at www.talesofthetomb.com or www.facebook.com/talesofthetomb

October 26, 2015

"Slaughtering The Faithful", the third full length from Baltimore based Death Metallers PESSIMIST, will be re-released on October 31, 2015 via Obscure Musick. The album was produced by Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL) and digitally re-mastered by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez. The coverart was created by Jon Zig. The CD reissue also includes the "Summoned To Suffer" demo from 2000 and a live in the studio performance on WNYU’s "Hellhole" show. The digital only release additionally includes 3 bonus tracks and live rehearsal tapes from the "Slaughtering" demos, featuring recently deceased drummer John Grden. A stream of the album’s original nine tracks (remastered) can be checked out here. A promo video for the title track is playing at this location and a video for ‘Infernal Abyss’ here. Reissues of 1997’s "Cult Of The Initiated" and 1999’s "Blood For The Gods" are scheduled for 2016 in March and September, respectively via Obscure Musick as well. More information at www.pessimist.com, www.facebook.com/pessimist.metal or www.obscuremusick.com

October 24, 2015

GRAVE RITUAL‘s upcoming new album "Morbid Throne" is now streaming in its entirety at this location. It will be released on October 30, 2015 via Dark Descent Records on CD, LP and digitally. The cover art was created by Daniel Desecrator. More about these Alabama based Death Metallers at www.facebook.com/grave.ritual

October 23, 2015

Almost six years after the release of "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" Swedish Death Metallers INTERMENT have finished the recordings of their follow-up album "Scent Of The Buried" at Sunlight Studio with Tomas Skogsberg. The artwork was created by Juan Castellano and the complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Death And Decay’, ‘Sinister Incantation’, ‘Chalice Of Death’, ‘Repugnant Funeral’, ‘Scent Of The Buried’, ‘Rise Of The Dead‘, ‘Unholy Upheaval’, ‘Dawn Of Blasphemy’, ‘Skullcrushing Carnage’ and ‘Nailed To The Grave’. The CD edition will be released via Pulverised Records (Dark Descent Records will take care of North American territories) and Cyclone Empire will be in charge of the vinyl version. For more information and updates check out www.facebook.com/interment

October 22, 2015

Bay Area Power Thrashers HEXX have added new vocalist Eddy Vega and second guitarist Bob Wright (from BROCAS HELM) to their line-up. The band is currently working on new music and preparing re-releases of all albums from their classic back catalog. "Morbid Reality" will be reissued on CD via Dark Symphonies / The Crypt Records in January of 2016, "Quest For Sanity" and "Watery Graves" will be handled by Vic Records and the band’s two early Power Metal classics "Under The Spell" and "No Escape", which earlier this year were reissued as limited edition vinyl albums on Metal Blade Records, will get a 2 CD / DVD Box set treatment as well. More about HEXX at www.facebook.com/officialhexx

In December Chile based Death Metallers SAVIOUR will release a new four track EP entitled "Mystical Perpetual Sleep" via Melipulli Records. One of the songs, ‘The Crypts Of The Impure’, is already streaming right here. More SAVIOUR info you’ll find at www.facebook.com/saviour.chile

October 21, 2015

Finnish Death / Grinders REFUSAL will release their debut full length "We Rot Within" on January 22, 2016 via F.D.A. Records. For all additional band information check out www.refusalband.com or www.facebook.com/refusalband

Danish Death Metallers APPARATUS have just released their self-titled debut full length via Lavadome Productions. It features the following tracks: ‘Sermon I’, ‘The Unreverberate Blackness Of The Abyss’, ‘Spheres’, ‘R’lyeh’, ‘Sermon II’, ‘Dissecting Temporal Dimensions To Afflict The Abyssi Of Chronos’, ‘Miskatonic’, ‘King God’, ‘Sermon III’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Arkham’. A full album stream is available at this location. More band info at www.facebook.com/apparatusdk

October 20, 2015

New Jersey based technical Death Metallers DYSTROPHY have just been signed by Selfmadegod Records for the release of their second full length “Wretched Host”. The album (which was originally self-released by the band in June this year), was recorded and mixed at One Stone Recording Studio and mastered at West West Side Music. Selfmadegod Records will re-release it on November 16, 2015. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Apex’, ‘Singularity’, ‘Within The Mind’, ‘Exoparasite’, ‘Wretched Host’, ‘Demise’, ‘Anhedonia’ and ‘Nadir’. The song ‘Singularity’ can be checked out here. More about DYSTROPHY at www.dystrophyband.com or www.facebook.com/dystrophynj

October 19, 2015

Chilean Thrashers NUCLEAR will release a 3 CD boxset entitled "Captive In Terror: Three Ways To Kill Yourself" via Candlelight Records on October 23, 2015. It contains the band’s first three albums, 2006’s "Heaven Denied", 2008’s "Ten Broken Codes" and 2010’s "Jehovirus". All additional NUCLEAR info you’ll find at www.nuclear.cl or www.facebook.com/nuclearcl

October 17, 2015

Sweden’s CORROSIVE CARCASS will release their second album "Forsaken Lands" on November 10, 2015 via Xtreem Music. The cover artwork has been created by Juanjo Castellano and the tracklist reads as follows: ‘Blood Ritual’, ‘The Ghoul’, ‘Prosecuted At Birth’, ‘…And So She Dies (In Sacrifice)’, ‘Of The Flesh’, ‘The Seven Princes’, ‘Residual’, ‘Memories’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Forsaken Lands’. An exclusive advance track is already streaming right here. More about CORROSIVE CARCASS at www.facebook.com/corrosivecarcass

October 14, 2015

‘Rabid Armageddon’, the title track off the forthcoming debut full-length by Swedish / Icelandic old school Death Metallers UNDER THE CHURCH, is already streaming at this location. The album will be released on October 30, 2015 via Pulverised Records and the artwork has been created by Mattias Frisk (GHOST, VANHELGD, ENTRAPMENT, VAMPIRE etc). The following tracks will appear on the record: ‘Sodomy And Blasphemy’, ‘Rabid Armageddon’, ‘Triad Ov Inquisitors’, ‘Magus’, ‘Suspended In Gore’, ‘Walpurgis Night’, ‘Mangled To A Bloody Mess’, ‘Penance’ and ‘The Trail Of Cthulu’. All additional UNDER THE CHURCH information can be found at www.facebook.com/underthechurch

On October 16, 2015, Hellthrasher Productions will re-release "Tenebrous Towers", 2011’s debut full length from Finland’s Death Metallers DESOLATE SHRINE‘s debut album on CD (a vinyl edition is scheduled for 2016). The entire album is available for streaming here. For more info check out www.facebook.com/desolateshrine

Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE have just released a video for the song ‘No Escape’, the the opening track of their debut EP "Toxic Mutilation". It was directed by Mikel Larequi who already worked on a video clip for Dani Fernández (HOLYCIDE bass player) previous band CLOCKWORK. The video can be checked out here. HOLYCIDE will be playing their second live show on October 17, 2015 in Madrid at the We Rock Club as the support for THE HERETIC ORDER. Additional HOLYCIDE live videos can be found here and here. More HOLYCIDE info at www.facebook.com/holycide

October 13, 2015

"Formula For Anarchy", the fifth album from Chilean Thrashers NUCLEAR, has just been released via Candlelight Records. Sound samples can be found at this location and the official video for ‘Self-Righteous Hypocrites’ is currently playing here. More info on NUCLEAR you will find at www.nuclear.cl or www.facebook.com/nuclearcl

Greek Black Metallers VARATHRON have premiered a live version of the song ‘Unholy Funeral’ over here. It was recorded live in Larisa, Greece on May 16, 2015 and appears on the band’s upcoming EP, "The Confessional Of The Black Penitents", which will be released on October 23, 2015 via Agonia Records. For all additional VARATHRON info check out www.varathron.com or www.facebook.com/varathronofficial

October 12, 2015

Spain / UK based Death Metallers UNDEAD have made their 2 track vinyl 7" EP "Blood Enemy" available for streaming at this location. More band information you’ll find at www.curseoftheundead.com

Swedish Death Metallers MORBID SPAWN are currently recording their debut full length. It will be released sometime later this year as a free digital download. A song can already be checked out here. For all further MORBID SPAWN info check out www.morbidspawn.com

October 09, 2015

On December 19, 2015 ten Dutch bands will share the stage at the Lucky club in Rijssen (NL) for the first edition of the LUCKY ROCKS / MEGA VIC FEST 1. The festival is being organized by Vic Records in co-opertion with Lucky Rijssen and Doc Holiday (run by Alwin Roes from DEAD END) and will feature the following bands: CARACH ANGAR, DEAD END, DESOLATE FIELDS, ENDYMAERA, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, GOD DETHRONED, PENTACLE, PHLEBOTOMIZED, SINISTER and SOULBURN. For more info and tickets pre-sale check out www.vicrecords.com

Testimony Records have inked a deal with Brazil Death Metallers ESCARNIUM for the release of the band’s second full-length in Europe in the first quarter of 2016. The album will be available on LP, MC and CD. An official video for ‘Salvation Through Zyklon B’ (from the last ESCARNIUM album “Excruciating Existence”) can still be checked out here. More band info at www.facebook.com/escarniumdm

Bay Area Death / Thrashers INSANITY have just released the song ‘Dread The Dawn’ (from their new full length "Visions Of Apocalypse") over here. The album will be released on CD on November 13, 2015 via Unspeakable Axe Records. A vinyl edition via Dark Descent Records is also in the works, tentatively set for a late year release. For all further INSANITY information check out www.facebook.com/insanity-57208433713

French Black Metallers OTARGOS have just released the fifth and final trailer for their upcoming sixth studio full-length "Xeno Kaos" at this location. The album, which will be released on November 13, 2015 via Kaotoxin Records, features the following tracks: ‘Dominatrix’, ‘The Ruinous Powers’, ‘Chariots Ov The Godz’, ‘Dark Mechanicus’, ‘Phase Shifters’, ‘Xeno Kaos’, ‘Realm Of The Dead’ and ‘Human Terminate’. The first pressing of the digi CD will also feature the additional bonus track ‘Infernal Legions Strike A.E.’. OTARGOS will be touring Europe from October 26 to 31, 2015. The first leg of the tour will take part in the UK (with THE NEGATION and SIDIOUS), while the second will take the band across Europe (with THE NEGATION). OTARGOS will also co-headline the second Kaotoxin Fest alongside CINC (ex – CARNIVAL IN COAL) on December 5 – 6, 2015 in Lille, France. All further info at www.otargos-terror.com or www.facebook.com/otargosband

October 08, 2015

North Carolina based Death Metallers NECROCOSM have just released their debut full length "Damnation Doctrine". It features the following tracks: ‘Damnation’, ‘Sworn Hatred’, ‘Architects Of Death’, ‘Disavow’, ‘Octopian Eclipse’, ‘Necrocosm’, ‘Hypnagogic Gait’, ‘Force Fed Progeny’, ‘W.B.S.’ and ‘Plains Of Inexistence’. The entire album is currently streaming at NECROCOSM’s Bandcamp site http://necrocosm666.bandcamp.com. For all additional info on NECROCOSM check out www.facebook.com/necrocosm

Dutch old school Death Metallers BODYFARM have released a video for ‘Storming Revolution’ at this location. The song is taken from their new album “Battle Breed” which will be released on November 06, 2015 via Cyclone Empire Records. It was produced and mixed by Ronnie Björnström from Enhanced Audio Productions (AEON, CENTINEX, SORCERER) and the cover artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano (VOMITORY, AVULSED, UNLEASHED). More BODYFARM at www.bodyfarmdeathmetal.com or www.facebook.com/bodyfarmdeathmetal

DESECRESY‘s fourth album "Stoic Death" will be released on November 01, 2015 via Xtreem Music. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Remedies Of Wolf’s Bane’, ‘The Work Of Anakites’, ‘Passage To Terminus’, ‘Abolition Of Mind’, ‘Sanguine Visions’, ‘Funeral Odyssey’, ‘Cantillate In Ages Agone’ and ‘Unantropomorph’. An exclusive advance track can already be checked out here. More DESECRESY info at: www.facebook.com/desecresy-244902242257521

October 07, 2015

REVENGE have premiered the track ‘Silent Enemy’ (from their upcoming fifth full-length "Behold.Total.Rejection") at this location. The album will be released on November 13, 2015 via Season Of Mist and the complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized)’, ‘Shock Attrition (Control In Decline)’, ‘Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side)’, ‘Mass Death Mass’, ‘Mobilization Rites’, ‘Silent Enemy’, ‘Desolation Insignia’, ‘Hate Nomad’, ‘ETHR (Failure Erased)’ and ‘Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)’. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/revengeofficialsompage

Arizona based Horror Rockers CALABRESE have just released a new video for ‘Wanted Man’, a song that appears on their latest album "Lust For Sacrilege Fall". It was directed by Andy Hartmark and can be checked out here. Guitarist / vocalist Bobby Calabrese issued the following official statement about the video: "A lot of our songs are influenced by loneliness, depravity and just not giving a shit. ‘Wanted Man’ is no exception. We filmed in our most natural habitat, which is a dirty desert in the hot Arizona sun. No one around, no civilization in sight, completely lone wolf. ‘Wanted Man’ is the perfect representation of CALABRESE in style and in sound." The band will be touring the US in October and early November. For tourdates and more information check out www.calabreserock.com

‘Ozymandias’, a track from the upcoming third HORRENDOUS full-length "Anareta", is currently streaming right here. The album will be released on October 30, 2015 on CD and digitally via Dark Descent Records. The vinyl edition is scheduled for January 2016. "Anareta" was recorded, mixed and mastered this summer at Subterranean Watchtower Studios. All further info on HORRENDOUS at www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal

October 06, 2015

Swedish old school Death Metallers DEMONICAL have just released a video for ‘To Become The Weapon’ at this location. It was shot during the band’s summer festivals and live shows in 2015. The track is taken from their new EP "Black Flesh Redemption", which is out now on Agonia Records. The full EP is currently streaming right here. More about DEMONICAL at www.facebook.com/demonicalofficial

October 03, 2015

Hungarian Black Metallers FUNEBRE are currently working on new material. You can already listen to a new, unfinished song (as of yet without title and vocals) at this location. For more info and updates check out www.facebook.com/officialkhrul

October 02, 2015

Cyclone Empire have just signed Avesta, Sweden based D-Beat / Crustpunk act PARASIT. The band consists of three former UNCURBED members, a Swedish five-piece that released several albums, EPs and 7”es since 1990. PARASIT’s second album “A Proud Tradition Of Stupidity” will be out in the Winter of 2015 / 2016 and the coverartwork will be supplied by German painter WÆIK, who already worked for bands like WOUND or DESASTER). More info at www.facebook.com/parasit666

‘War Machines’, the first track of “Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!” (the upcoming second full-length by Danish / Swedish Death Metallers DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN), is streaming at this location now. The album will be released on November 06, 2015 via Cyclone Empire. For all additional information on DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN check out www.facebook.com/downamongthedeadmen

Sweden’s Sludge Black Metallers THIS GIFT IS A CURSE will release their new album "All Hail The Swinelord" on October 16, 2015 through Season Of Mist. You can already check out the track ‘Hanging Feet’ right here. The album’s full tracklist reads like this: ‘Swinelord’, ‘New Temples’, ‘Rites’, ‘XI: For I Am The Fire’, ‘Hanging Feet’, ‘Old Lies’, ‘We Use Your Dead As Vessels’ and ‘Askrådare’. More about THIS GIFT IS A CURSE at www.facebook.com/thisgiftisacurse

Necroharmonic Productions have just re-released MUCUPURULENT‘s 1997 album "Sicko Baby" on CD with a bunch of extra songs. It is entitled "Sicko Baby And More Babes" and additionally features the "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" demo 1995, the "Remind The Bizarre" split EP with CABAL from 1998, the compilation track ‘Disgorging Foetus’ (recorded for a REGURGITATE tribute album, released in 2001), as well as the three previously unreleased songs ‘Gay’s Erection’ and ‘Splatter Whore’ (both recorded in 1995 during the same session as the demo and the split EP with CABAL) and ‘Raw, Brutal, Rough And Bloody’ (recorded in 1997 for a deleted GG ALLIN tribute album). You can order it here. More band information at www.mucupurulent.com

October 01, 2015

Redefining Darkness Records have signed Brazil Death Metallers ESCARNIUM for US and Canadian territories. In November 2015 a definitive collection of the band’s previous efforts will be compiled on one disc (together with a new unreleased track). The next ESCARNIUM album is scheduled for 2016. For more information check out www.facebook.com/escarniumdm or www.facebook.com/redefiningdarkness

New Jersey Grinders ORGAN DEALER have just released a promo video for ‘The Pear Of Anguish’. You can check it out right here. The song is taken off the band’s recently released debut full-length "Visceral Infection", which was released on July 14, 2015 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. More about ORGAN DEALER at www.facebook.com/organdealer