February 06, 2016

On February 08, 2016 Moscow based GS Productions will re-release the complete discography of defunct Swedish Death Metallers EXCRETION as a six-panel digipak double CD entitled "Resurrection". It will be limited to 100 copies and includes the band’s three remastered demos ”Behold The Light” (1992), "The Dream Of Blood" (1992) and "Suicide Silence" (1993) as well their one and only debut album "Voice Of Harmony" (1995). The full tracklist reads as follows: CD 1 – "The Demos": ‘Intro’, ‘Behold The Light’, ‘Desolating Earth’, ‘Sick Defiance’, ‘Intro’, ‘Mortal Life’, ‘Pain’, ‘Dream Of Blood’, ‘Tears’, ‘Outro’, ‘Life’s Passion Ends’, ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘3’ and ‘Suicide Silence’. CD 2 – "Voice Of Harmony": ‘Forever Closed Eyes’, ‘I Am’, ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘That Once Been Given’, ‘Life’s Passion Ends’, ‘Those Silent Days’, ‘Suicide Silence’, ‘The Final Part Of Sleep’ and ‘Voice Of Harmony’. You can order a copy here www.gsp-music.com. More about EXCRETION at www.facebook.com/excretion-163683117099520

Atlanta based Gore Metallers MANGLED will release a limited 7" EP (300 copies) entitled "Involuntary Organ Donor" on March 01, 2016 via Boris Records. The EP was recorded in Spring of 2015 and features artwork by Matt "Slime Bucket" Ferri. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘They’re Not Gonna Stay Down There Anymore’, ‘Involuntary Organ Donor’ and ‘Butchery Loves Company’. The latter is already streaming at this location. For all additional MANGLED information check out www.facebook.com/mangled-270014239690739

On April 15, 2016 Comatose Music will release "Enslaved", the second album from Greek brutal Death Metallers MURDER MADE GOD. The tacklist reads like this: ‘Victims’, ‘Enslaved’, ‘The Titan, The Fighter And The Thief’, ‘A Morbid Institution’, ‘Depression’, ‘Assassinés!’, ‘The Irony Of Faith’, ‘Subject 666’, ‘Urban Warfare’ and ‘Involuntary Servitude’. A lyric video for the song ‘Victims’ can be found right here. More about MURDER MADE GOD at www.facebook.com/mmgofficial

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