January 14, 2016

The third JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN full-length will be released via Soulseller Records in spring 2016. Rogga Johansson comments: “Me and Paul are very excited to sign to Soulseller Records for our third album with JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN. So far nine songs have been written and are currently being recorded. Expect more of the same as the previous albums, but with a twist this time, more leadwork from the new addition on lead guitars, Kjetil Lynghaug (MORDENIAL), and a step up in the masterful drumming of Brynjar Helgetun (LIKLUKT).” Paul Speckmann comments: “Speckmann here, really looking forward to working with Soulseller Records. They will be releasing the next killer installment of the JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN series.” For all further information check out www.facebook.com/johansson-speckmann-225899484206206

Swedish / American Death Metallers RIBSPREADER have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of the band’s sixth full length "Suicide Gate (A Bridge To Death)". The album was recorded in Florida (at Smoke & Mirrors Productions) and Sweden (at Rogga’s own The Rotpit Studio) and will feature 9 tracks. The artwork is currently being drawn by Juanjo Castellano. Release will be sometime in the Spring of 2016. For more RIBSPREADER information check out www.facebook.com/ribspreader-148182408532846

Swedish doomy Crust / Death Metallers USURPRESS have been signed by Agonia Records. Their upcoming third album "The Regal Tribe", that has been recorded in the fall of 2015 with producer Lawrence Mackrory (FKÜ, DARKANE), will be released later this year. More information and updates at www.usurpress.com or www.facebook.com/usurpress

L.A. Thrashers ANGER AS ART will release their new full length "Ad Mortem Festinamus" on March 11, 2016 via Old School Metal Records. A lyric video for the album track ‘Aim For The Heart’ has already been posted at this location. "Ad Mortem Festinamus" was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ronald Sandoval at Rev Studios, Chino CA and features the following tracks: ‘Ad Mortem Festinamus’, ‘Pissing On Your Grave’, ‘Aim For The Heart’, ‘Tombward (Bryan)’, ‘L.A. State Of Mind’, ‘Unknowing, Undead’, ‘Hammer, Blade, And Twisting Fire’, ‘We Hurry Into Death’, ‘Two Minutes Hate’, ‘Praise Of The Firehead’ and ‘Dim Carcosa’. More ANGER AS ART info you’ll find at www.facebook.com/angerasart

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