June 18, 2016

On September 02, 2016 SARCOFAGO‘s classic 1989 EP "Rotting" will be re-released via Greyhaze Records on digipak format with a bonus DVD and new layout. The DVD features a live show from Belo Horizonte in 1991 where SARCOFAGO supported MORBID ANGEL on their "Altars Of Madness" tour. DVD Tracklist: ‘Alcoholic Coma’, ‘Satanic Lust’, ‘Rotting’, ‘Satanas’ and ‘Nightmare’. More info and pre-order details at www.greyhazerecords.com

In order to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary Old Temple will re-release "The Enlightenment", the 1999 debut full length from Mexican Death Metallers SARGATANAS, later this year. The label will also re-release "Aberah KeDabar", the debut demo from Chilean Death / Black Metallers BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT as a split CD with GENOCIDE BEAST from the US. In co-operation with Moon Records there will furthermore be a CD release of the MOLOCH LETALIS demos "Suicide Spectrum" (still released under the band’s old moniker MOLOCH in 2004) and "Cold Execution" (2006). "Subyugador – In Goat We Trust", 2014’s debut album from Ecuador’s Death Metallers DEATH’S COLD WIND, has also just been re-releasded via Old Temple on hand numbered gold CDs. For more information check out www.oldtemple.com

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