May 12, 2016

The title of the upcoming new INQUISITION album will be "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith". It has been scheduled for release on August 26, 2016. For more info and updates check out

To celebrate their 25th anniversary Sweden’s CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE will celebrate a big party on a Metal cruise with live performances of the following bands: ENTOMBED (original members Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid and Uffe Cederlund), UNLEASHED, GRAVE, MERCILESS, NECROPHOBIC, GENERAL SURGERY, CENTINEX, INTERMENT and GOD MACABRE. The ship will leave Stockholm (Sweden) on October 27, 2016 for Turku (Finland) and return the following day. More information at

South Carolina based progressive Black Metallers ENTHEAN will release their debut full length "Priests Of Annihilation" on May 20, 2016. It features the following 8 tracks: ‘1054’, ‘Tones Of Desecration’, ‘Before You, I Am’, ‘Dysthanasia’, ‘Ekpyrosis’, ‘Behold The Primordial’, ‘Bring Forth The Raven’ and ‘Invalesc De Profundis’. The full album is now streaming at this location. For more ENTHEAN information check out

Belarusian Black / Death Metallers LJOSAZABOJSTWA will release a CD version of their debut demo / EP "Starazytnaje Licha" ("Ancient Evil") on May 13, 2016 via Hellthrasher Productions as a limited digipak edition with one extra track (‘Struk U Horła Chrysta’). The material was recorded in the Fall of 2015 and mixed and mastered by Aliaksiej Siedzin. The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Struk U Horła Chrysta’, ‘Stara¸ytnaje Licha’, ‘Kamunija Ahniom’ and ‘Dzień Nawi’. A stream of the original 3-track version is available at

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