May 25, 2016

WARFATHER, featuring MORBID ANGEL frontman / bassplayer Steve Tucker, will release their second album "The Grey Eminence" on September 16, 2016 via Greyhaze Records. It was produced by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex – MORBID ANGEL). Tucker just issued the following statement about the album: "I am extremely excited for the release of "The Grey Eminence". I feel that this album is one of the best things that I have ever been a part of! Erik Rutan did an amazing job on the production and the songs speak for themselves!" Producer Erik Rutan additionally commented on "The Grey Eminence" as follows: "Recording with Steve and the guys on the new WARFATHER album has been fantastic! It has been a blast to be working on this monster album in the studio once again with my great friend and former band mate. The songs are heavy as hell and just outright awesome. We have some great tones and performances." More about WARFATHER at

Japanese Death Metallers DEFILED have just released another track from their forthcoming new album "Towards Inevitable Ruin". You can check out ‘Conspiracy’ here. Guitarist Yusuke Sumita commented on the track like this: "The time has come to offer you another track from our upcoming album "Towards Inevitable Ruin". We are well aware that this production deviates quite a bit from the current standard, because it has a lot of vibration, but hopefully many of you guys enjoy our effort to achieve an ‘organic sound’. We have worked hard on it and we are very proud of having a natural rich tone… no regrets!" The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Subversion’, ‘Cauterized’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Conspiracy’, ‘Force And Obedience’, ‘Shadows Hands’, ‘Fear From Above’, ‘Scapegoat’, ‘Debunked’, ‘One World’, ‘Silent But Ongoing’ and ‘Towards Inevitable Ruin’. "Towards Inevitable Ruin" will be relased on July 08, 2016 via Season Of Mist. For all additional DEFILED information check out or

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