December 14, 2017

Swedish blackened Thrashers CRUCIFYRE will release their third full-length “Post Vulcanic Black” on February 09, 2018 via Pulverised Records. The album cover was designed by Thrashing Rage, with additional Serpentagram artwork by Obssessed By Cruelty. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Post Vulcanic Black’, ‘Thrashing With Violence’, ‘Mother’s Superior Eyes’, ‘War Chylde’, ‘Hyper Moralist (Deemed Antichrist)’, ‘200 Divisions’, ‘Död Människa?’, ‘Murder And Sex And Self-Destruction’, ‘Copenhagen In The Seventies’ and ‘Serpentagram’. A lyric video for the title track, done by Romanian illustrator Costin Chioreanu (GRAVE, AT THE GATES, GRAVE MIASMA), is already available at this location. The new CRUCIFYRE line-up consists of Karl Buhre (vocals), Patrick Nilsson (lead guitar), Alex Linder (lead guitar), Christian Canales (bass) and Yasin Hillborg (drums). All additional band information at

Swedish Black Metallers GRAFVITNIR have just released another track from their forthcoming fifth album "Keys To The Mysteries Beyond". You can check out ‘Eye Of Lucifer’ at this location now. The album will be released tomorrow via Carnal Records. Promo videos for ‘Nidhögg’ and ‘Vargavinter’ are additionally available here and here, respectively. More about GRAFVITNIR at

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