February 03, 2017

Swedish old school Black Metallers WAN will release their third full length "Wan Way To Hell" via Carnal Records on February 10, 2017. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Known As Dead’, ‘King Of Evil’, ‘Till Kamp’, ‘Igeltjärn’, ‘The Challenger’, ‘Wrought’, ‘As If’, ‘Spitfire Metal’, ‘Full Sving’, ‘Piss On Your Grave’, ‘Svarthäll’, ‘Inn I Ilden’ and ‘Wan Way To Hell’. A video for ‘King Of Evil’ can already be watched right here. More about WAN at www.facebook.com/theunholywan

French Black / Death Metallers VI, TEMPLE OF BAAL and THE ORDER OF APOLLYON will join forces on a split EP that will be released via Agonia Records on March 31, 2017. The recording will feature one brand new song from each of the bands, with a playing time close to 25 minutes. With the exception of the drums, all instruments have been recorded, mixed and mastered at BST Studios. The drums were recorded at Hybreed Studios and Studio Vallet, respectively. The split EP will be available on black vinyl (with laser etching on side B), a limited to 200 copies red edition (with similar laser etching) and a limited to 100 copies gold edition (with a patch and similar laser etching). To find out more about the bands, check them out through the following sites: www.facebook.com/vithdevotion, www.facebook.com/theorderofapollyon and www.facebook.com/temple-of-baal-20135072962

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