February 28, 2017

Italian brutal Death Metallers DEVANGELIC will release their sophomore full length "Phlegethon" on October 27, 2017 via Comatose Music. The album will be mixed / mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions and the artwork was created by Ken Sarafin (Sarafin Concepts). The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Plagued By Obscurity’, ‘Mutilation Above Salvation’, ‘Of Maggots And Disease’, ‘Malus Invictus’, ‘Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed’, ‘Condemned To Dismemberment’, ‘Wretched Incantations’, ‘Manifestation Of Agony’, ‘Decaying Suffering’ and ‘Asphyxiation Upon Phlegethon’. The limited digipak edition will feature 2 additional bonus tracks: ‘He Who Sleeps’ (MORBID ANGEL cover) and ‘Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed’ (Promo 2016). More about DEVANGELIC at www.devangelic.com or www.facebook.com/devangelic.official

Defying Danger Records have just released the cassette version of WOUND‘s ”Engrained” album. "Remnants…", the second full length from Californian Death Metallers RUDE, will also be released on tape (limited to 300 handnumbered copies) right on time for the "California Death Over Europe" tour in May 2017. On April 30, 2017 the label will furthermore release the vinyl edition of the SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB debut "Stop! Hammertime!". More details and ordering information at www.defyingdanger.de

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