January 11, 2017

Houston, Texas based Death Metallers DESECRATE THE FAITH have just released ‘Angel Eater’, a track from their forthcoming sophomore release "Unholy Infestation", at this location. The album will be out on March 03, 2017 via Comatose Music and is going to feature the following tracks: ‘Daemones Nos Ave Satanas’, ‘Predatory Impalement’, ‘Malignant Divinity’, ‘Shrine Of Enmity’, ‘Unholy Infestation’, ‘Magna Daemonia’, ‘Ceremonial Invocation’, ‘Sacrilege Reborn’, ‘Angel Eater’, ‘Septic Womb’, ‘Ascension Of Belial’ and ‘Let Us Burn (The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit)’. A promo video for the song ‘Shrine Of Enmity’ can furthermore be checked out here. More about DESECRATE THE FAITH at www.facebook.com/desecratethefaithofficial

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