July 07, 2017

Chicago based Death Metallers MORDATORIUM will release their new album "Obsessed With Death" on August 25, 2017. The following tracks will appear on "Obsessed With Death": ‘Rampage’, ‘Obsessed With Death’, ‘Beheaded’, ‘The Culling’, ‘Biting Cold’, ‘Murder Castle’, ‘Overmind’, ‘The Gallows’ and ‘The Butcher’. A promo video for ‘The Culling’ is already available here. The recordings of the album began in the final months of 2016 and it was completed in spring of 2017. The cover artwork and visual design was created by Lauren Gornik Illustration. More about MORDATORIUM at www.facebook.com/mordatorium

Today Hellthrasher Productions will release a digipak CD version of "Feasting On Dark Intentions", the debut EP from Portland’s HANDS OF THIEVES. It was previously released on cassette and vinyl through Transylvanian Tapes and Baneful Genesis. The EP was recorded at Haywire Studios and mastered by Ryan Foster. The artwork was created by Jason Graham and the tracklist reads like this: ‘Wrath Weaver’, ‘Violated At Heart’, ‘Sun Mocker’ and ‘Conduit Of Grief’. A full EP stream is available at this location. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/hands-of-thieves-1527057844253597

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